The Case For Early Intervention to Prevent Facial Aging

The majority of patients and clients we see at Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi-Spa wish to correct a particular existing skin problem or issue they are having.  However, many other have come in over the past several years wanting advice on preventive measures to reduce the effects of the aging process, especially on the face.

Facial aging itself is a complex process.  It involves both internal and external factors that cause progressive changes in your skin, underlying tissue, and even bone.

Over the past 20 years, there have been amazing advances in approaches to treatment of the skin and underlying foundational tissues.  Still, despite these many progresses, many experts (including myself) believe that early minimally-invasive treatments remain the best way slow the progression of the facial aging process, and may also prevent the need for more substantial and aggressive invasive treatments later in life.

Protecting the skin is obviously the highest priority.  Sadly, studies have shown that people in North America with normal recreational exposure to the outdoors, especially Caucasian people, can show signs of sun damage as early as 15 years of age that will inevitably bother them later in life.

The chronic effects of sun alone on the skin has been shown to cause 80% of facial aging.  Using broad spectrum sunscreens undisputedly slows the effects of sun damage, and should be the number one preventive measure every one uses every day.

Another important component of skin health and appearance is its underlying foundation and elasticity, which the skin has thanks to its collagen and elastin fibers.  With aging, these fibers degrade over time, and the cells that produce replacements slow down in their functioning.

Keeping collagen intact and stimulating younger levels of collagen production can prevent the breakdown in skin function and appearance with aging.  Stimulating new collagen production can be done in a number of very simple ways.

Precisely-controlled (yet temporary) damage to the skin through the use of microneedling and various lasers such as Laser Genesis starts the tissue repair process.  When the skin takes the time to repair its own tissues, the skin becomes remodeled and rejuvenated.  Radio frequency waves such as Pellevé and subcutaneous heat produced by laser light can also tighten existing collagen and lift the skin.

Injectable fillers, such as the Juvederm family of Volbella, UltraPlus, Vollure, and Voluma, essentially replace existing collagen in concentrated areas such as the lips, chin, and cheeks.  These particular products consist of hyaluronic acid, which is the primary chemical component of collagen in various thicknesses.

Fillers have an immediate effect on lines, especially in the lower face.  Plus, they remain effective for a period of 1-2 years.

In the upper face, repetitive motion of different muscle groups lead to the formation of deep lines such as scowl lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Early and regular use of Botox before the lines become excessively deep has been shown to prevent developing dynamic wrinkles.

In summary, early aesthetic interventions can slow the progression of facial changes over time and potentially reduce the need for other extensive and invasive procedures in the future.  I have also seen that those who make the effort to use preventive aesthetic measures have a better sense of well-being, and feel that they are being pro-active about their approach to aging.

All of these and other issues can be discussed and addressed in a free and individualized personal consultation. You can schedule your next consultation with us by calling our office in either Augusta at (207) 873-2158 or Scarborough at (207) 303-0125.

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