The Acne Control System Is Here!

Although we here at Maine Laser Skin Care have always carried products to treat a variety of skin ailments, I often times try to compile a certain combination of individual skin care products into one easy-to-use kit or system.  These kits not only saves people time and money, but they are also intended to remedy one particular skin care issue.

I purposely created our newest skin care kit to help the vast majority of people with the pesky, embarrassing, and emotionally & physically scarring problem known as acne.  After months of research and development, I am proud to introduce Maine Laser Skin Care’s own Acne Control System!

So what is so special about this system?  A dermatologist who I know personally developed this product combination, which was formulated based on the best clinical evidence available in the field of acne management.

Additionally, each of these products are medical grade.  In other words, they are stronger in content than what can be bought over the counter in a pharmacy or drug store, and can only be sold in doctor’s offices (like ours) and medical spa settings.

If a person with severe cases of acne uses this system on a regular basis, they will see that:

  • their enlarged pores will be minimized
  • their whiteheads and blackheads will resolve significantly
  • facial redness will be lessened
  • their acne scars will be lightened

Overall, after six to eight weeks of use, a user’s skin appearance will be improved.  Their skin texture will be smoother, and their skin tone will gradually even out.

The beauty of using a system like this is that the process of your daily skin care routine is easy to follow and to use.  Each product within the system has a specific function in the battle against acne breakouts, as I will outline below:

1.)  Salicylic Face And Body Wash–  This product is a cleanser that combines 2% salicylic acid with a low pH and 1% extra virgin coconut oil.  This balanced mixture unclogs pores by enhancing removal of dead skin cells and any dirt or makeup that may plug up your pores.  The coconut oil portion balances moisture levels so your skin will appear more smooth and less irritated.

2.)  Glycolic Gel–  This gel specifically exfoliates deeper into the pores by using 10% glycolic acid.  This product also includes peptides and marine extracts that provide moisture to the skin, while helping to improve elasticity and lessen redness of fresh acne scars.

3.)  Green Tea Antioxidant Serum–  The 5% green tea extract in this product results in a serum which decreases the inflammation caused by the acne breakout process.  This process by itself helps to correct the hyperpigmentation, or darkness, caused by acne scarring, and decreases the redness of more recent acne activity.  This serum also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which again help to hydrate the skin and improve skin texture around acne breakouts.

4.) Acne Spot Treatment–  This is an on-the-go treatment that you can carry in your pocket or purse.  The solution consists of a mixture of 2% salicylic acid, witch hazel, and camphor, which acutely reduces swelling and redness of newly developed breakouts.  A dab of this product on an inflammed area can quickly relieve swelling and inflammation within the skin, making it less likely that you will be tempted to pop or pick at a pimple.  As a result, there is less risk of scarring.  People who regularly use this product alone frequently tell us that a dab of Acne Spot Treatment on early breakouts at bedtime results in improved appearance of those areas overnight.

The Acne Control System is an excellent product combination to cleanse the skin, exfoliate the dead skin cells, and treat the inflammation.  These are all important aspects of the complex clinical process that is acne.

The system is strong enough to treat stubborn acne that has not improved with over-the-counter products, and yet gentle enough to decrease the common complaint of excessive dryness and redness.  Another nice feature of this kit is that if you run out of one item, you can buy the replacement of that individual item without having to buy the whole kit each time.

This Acne Control System is now available to purchase on our online shopping cart (which you can also access by clicking the picture above), and can also be ordered by phone or picked up at our Augusta office.  Give us call at (207) 873-2158 if you have any questions about whether this system is right for you, or we can discuss this and other treatment options for you at a free consultation.

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Skin Care Tips For Fall

Every time that autumn arrives, many aspects of your life change.  The hours of daylight decrease, the temperature drops, and, while not quite as obvious, the needs of your skin change as well.

Fall is definitely a time of transition on the calendar.  It is also a time to treat your skin better and prepare for more severe weather-related changes in the winter.

With the change in weather, the air becomes drier, which has profound effects on the skin.  While you may not have needed to moisturize your skin at all during the summer due to higher humidity levels and sweat from activities, fall is the time to start to pay more attention to your skin’s hydration both internally and externally.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your skin for a healthy fall:

1.) Ditch the soap.  Washing your skin with traditional soaps during the fall can dry out your skin more than usual.  For staying clean without the soap, I will usually recommend a gentle, soap-free, and hydrating cleanser such as our Chamomile Facial Cleanser or Lavender Creamy Cleanser.

2.) Exfoliate at least once a week.  When the skin becomes more dry, old skin cells build up on the skin’s surface faster.  More piled-up dead skin cells give the skin a duller appearance and a rougher texture.

Exfoliation helps to remove these accumulated dead skin cells and allow newer skin cells to appear.  This process helps the skin look and feel better and healthier.

If your skin is exceptionally dry, you may need to exfoliate more than once a week.  Recommended products for exfoliation include Glycolic Gel and O2 Lift Mask.

3.) Use Thicker and Creamy Moisturizers.  You can get away with lighter lotions during the summer.  Starting in the fall, however, your facial skin in particular needs a stronger barrier to prevent moisture loss in outer layers.

The moisturizers best suited for autumn generally tend to be thick and creamy in texture, but do not leave a residue as they are absorbed.  I recommend Enriched Moisture Cream and AHA Marine Mositure Cream.

4.) Do Not Forget Your Hands.  Because of the dry air combined with increased frequency of hand washing, the skin on your hands often becomes scaly and cracked beginning in the fall.  Moisturize your hands after every hand washing to keep your hands soft and supple.

As with a lot of medical recommendations, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.  It is much harder to re-hydrate dry, scaly skin than it is to maintain skin moisture levels.

If you have any questions or product recommendations about your skin as you transition into the fall, please give us a call at (207) 873-2158.  Also, enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it!

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How To Stop Overnight Acne Breakouts

“My skin was perfectly fine when I went to bed, and then I woke up with a pimple on my face!” says a person who just experienced the dreaded overnight skin breakout.  It is a very common complaint that I hear virtually every week, particularly from those who have acne prone skin.

If I don’t hear that complaint in the exact words I quoted above, it is undoubtedly some variation of this quote that I hear with all of the associated angst.  Fortunately, like most acne, it is a temporary condition that can be remedied steadily and inexpensively.

If you have acne prone skin, here are six quick, easy, and inexpensive recommendations to prevent this dreaded overnight breakout:

1.) Do not use the same washcloth twice.  Because skin bacteria is one of the major causes of acne, using the same washcloth over and over can be essentially replenishing the bacteria, rather than washing it off.  It may increase your laundry load, but your face will be better for it.

2.) Be sure to sleep on a clean pillowcase.  Again, for skin bacteria reasons and to keep your skin from being pressed against an unclean surface for hours, a clean pillowcase makes complete sense.  Many doctors recommend silk pillowcases, as they are less likely to retain dirt and bacteria.  I recommend any pillowcase that you can keep clean, even if you have to launder it more frequently.

3.)  Do not take your stress to bed with you.  Stress is a well-known cause of acne breakouts due to its effect on hormonal levels for both males and females.  Finding a way to relax and de-stress after a long day will be better for your whole body overnight, not just for your face.  Yoga or meditation are all useful activities in which you can partake to decrease stress and better prepare your body for sleep.

4.)  Do not pick at any pimple!  This recommendation may seem obvious, but it is actually one of the most commonly ignored tips.  Some people try to pick at a site to prevent an eruption, but only succeed at aggravating the problem and making a scar more likely.  If you have to try to address an area you feel may break out, try using an Overnight Spot Cream that will “dry up” potential areas of breakout.

5.)  Do exfoliate at least once a week.  Since acne breakouts are also caused by dead skin cells congregating and plugging up pores, I recommend undergoing a weekly gentle exfoliation with Glycolic-based products such as Glycolic Gel, which penetrates pores and dissolves skin cell buildups.

6.)  Do not be overly aggressive with use of skin care products, especially cleansers.  Despite everything I have said about keeping your washcloths, pillowcases, and your face itself clean, too much facial cleaning can be bad for your skin.   Overdoing the physical cleansing of your face can lead to irritation, excessive dryness, and aggravation and inflammation of the skin.

You should use salicylic facial wash once in the morning and once right before bed, but not any more than that.  Also, when washing your face, it should be very gently done using your fingertips.

When drying your face, it should be patted, not rubbed, dry.  Removal of makeup and sunblock is obviously important before bed, but you can also accomplish this action without aggressive efforts.

I hope you find this information helpful.  However, if you do not have acne prone skin, but know someone who is prone to breakouts, feel free to forward this post to them or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, we will be packaging up some of my most highly recommended acne products in one Acne Control System kit soon.  We will announce its availability as soon as we have it in stock.

As always, if you wish to schedule a free consultation to assess your skin for acne issues or any other problems, please call us at (207) 873-2158.  You may also call us at that same number to schedule your next appointment.

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Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

Many of you know that CoolSculpting is a body-shaping process that contours and sculpts your body by freezing fat cells.  With that fact in mind, a common question we get here at Maine Laser Skin Care is, “Are the effects of Coolsculpting permanent?”

When people use the word “permanent,” they generally mean forever, or at least a lifetime.  While there is no guarantee that CoolSculpting lasts until the end of time, studies have shown that the effects of CoolSculpting can last at least 9 years and counting.

In order to understand why CoolSculpting lasts so long and works the way it does, it helps to understand the process of fat loss and weight loss through which your body goes without the use of CoolSculpting.  When you lose weight by diet and/or exercise, the effects you see or feel on your body (e.g. clothes fitting better, bulges decreasing in size) happen as a result of fat cells shrinking in size.

Conversely, when you gain weight, these same fat cells swell or increase in size to accommodate more fat produced by your body’s metabolism.  In other words, during the process of gaining or losing weight, the number of fat cells in your body never actually changes.  What changes is the size of the cells, and how much fat they contain.

Fat Loss With CoolSculpting

In contrast, CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis in which fat cells are exposed to prolonged cold temperatures, and are destroyed without any harm to the surrounding tissues or overlying skin.  After the fat cells are essentially killed, your body’s immune system kicks into high gear as it does with any injury to your body.

The immune cells collect the remaining fragments of the treated fat cells, and metabolizes these fragments.  All these metabolites are then filtered out of your body over a period of several months.

Once the fat cells are gone from your body, they are gone for good.  Also, your body does not manufacture new fat cells.

You are born with only so many fat cells, and fat cells never multiply or re-grow.  Several research studies have shown that once fat cells are disrupted in a certain location on your body, you will no longer accumulate fat in that area even if your total body gains weight.

Following a CoolSculpting procedure, I always have, and always will, recommend a regimen of regular exercise, maintaining a healthy, largely plant-based diet, and drinking large amounts of water to maintain your slimmer look.  I make this recommendation not only for your body’s overall appearance, but primarily for your general health as well.

So, to answer the original question, yes, as far as science can tell at this point of time, and since CoolSculpting has only been around for the past decade, the effects of fat loss in the treated areas are permanent.  If you are interested in what CoolSculpting can do for you, give Denise, our experienced aesthetician, a call at (207) 873-2158 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to see if you are a candidate for this amazing non-invasive procedure.

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Product of the Month- Advanced Wri-Lax

While we always send out a list of our cutting-edge skin care products that are on sale every month, I would like to start highlighting an additional product each month, and educating all of you on what makes this particular product special.  This month’s special product is Advanced Wri-Lax.

Advanced Wri-Lax is a concentrated anti-wrinkle serum that combines a neuropeptide with marine peptides.  While you may not know one peptide from another, be assured that when these two peptides collide, their combination lessens the appearance of expression lines and plumps the skin.

A nice feature of Advanced Wri-Lax is that it can improve the appearance of lines on the lip, chin, neck, and forehead.  It can also make crow’s feet and frown lines gradually disappear.

Many people who do not want to be injected with Botox for whatever reason find Advanced Wri-Lax the strongest topical skin care product available to soften troublesome fine lines and wrinkles.  Those who do use Botox find that regular use of Advanced Wri-Lax actually lengthens the interval between Botox injections.

Two active sets of ingredients work to dramatically improve lines. The first important component, Argirelox, is an award-winning neuropeptide that relaxes wrinkles by affecting underlying muscles.

The second ingredient is a group of marine peptides called Seacode. This component works on fine lines, but also acts to plump the skin which also smooths wrinkles. Skin care tests have shown that this marine peptide combination enhances collagen production, which gives the affected skin area fuller-like benefits.

Advanced Wri-Lax can be ordered online (just click on the link), or you can pick up a vial in our Augusta office. If you would to diminish fine lines in concentrated areas without Botox, this is the product for you.

If you like the power of Botox to abolish deeper lines and wrinkles, using Advanced Wri-Lax will lengthen the intervals between Botox treatments.  Try it and see for yourself.

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Say Goodbye To Your Wrinkles For The Holidays

As the season has turned to fall, more and more people are asking me about what they can do to look better in anticipation of the end-of-year holidays.  I probably get asked more about how to get rid of wrinkles than about any other skin care issue.

For those with expressive faces, every time you smile, frown, squint, or show surprise, you are actually sending nerve impulses that signal the muscles around your eyes and forehead to contract.  Over the years, these repeated contractions of muscles and folding over of the skin result in collagen being pushed out of the area, causing wrinkles to gradually form.

For wrinkles in the upper face, Botox injections are a major weapon in the battle against the effects of aging and the sun.  Botox is a safe and relatively simple treatment that fights wrinkles by relaxing muscles on the face and smoothing out your skin.

Botox is a naturally-produced protein that blocks the impulses from nerve endings that tell affected muscles to contract.  When I inject Botox into a specific muscle such as one in the forehead, the signal from the nerve ending to the muscle is modulated so the muscle will not contract and will instead stay relaxed.

After the initial injection, it takes several days for the relaxation effect to start with Botox.  With the muscle over the forehead relaxed, for example, the previous wrinkles will smooth out and new wrinkles will not form as long as the Botox effect is maintained.

The peak effect of any particular treatment is usually around 1-2 weeks.  Then, the wrinkle smoothing will last for at least 3 months.  Once your wrinkles are lessened or gone, you will have renewed self-confidence and all with a simple procedure that does not require surgery.

If Botox is administered again to an area once the effects have worn off, the Botox smoothing will last longer.  Frequently, people who have had Botox repeatedly will only need a re-treatment every 6 months or so.

I have been using Botox for aesthetic treatments for over 14 years, and its popularity continues to grow.  Younger women have been migrating to the use of Botox to halt the “elevens” or scowl lines between the eyes that they see when they are squinting at their mobile devices, for example.

While it’s not surprising to see women getting Botox treatments, more men are actually getting Botox these days than ever before.  In fact, now up to 10% of all Botox treatments are done on men, a drastic increase from when Botox was first approved by the FDA nearly 15 years ago.

Botox is also very versatile in that it can be combined with many other types of treatments such as dermal fillers, laser treatments, and facial peels to enhance your skin and counteract many of the other effects of aging.  You will not look frozen, but rather you will look like a more relaxed version of yourself or have you may have looked 5-10 years ago.

It’s safe, effective, minimally invasive.  What’s not to like about Botox?  Remember also that getting your Botox injections in the next month or so will leave you looking relaxed even during the hectic holiday season ahead.

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Tired of Shaving Under Your Arms?

A recent patient encounter inspired this blog post about laser hair removal, specifically in the underarm area (i.e. the armpit).  Obviously, this is an area about which most, if not all, males do not worry, but is usually the bane for many women.

The patient in question who presented for treatment in the underarm area vented her frustration about care of that region.  She had very dark and coarse hair in general, which requires her to shave her underarms at least several times a week.

She had previously tried depilatories such as Nair, which got her skin very irritated and broke out in a rash.  She also tried waxing, which yielded ineffective and, at best, short term results.

She knew that shaving was a long term solution, since the hair only grew back.  Plus, ingrown hairs that occurred frequently in that area meant her skin was never really smooth even with shaving.

Finally, she decided to give laser hair removal a try.  She was pleasantly surprised that we used a numbing cream over the area prior to the treatment.

Although she described herself as “spleeny” (as Mainers would say), she tolerated the procedure quite well with the expected rubber band snap feeling that occurred intermittently during the process.  Redness in the area was completely resolved by a cold compress following the treatment, and she did not feel self-conscious about the appearance as she left the office.

As many of you know, hair and its appearance and distribution on the male and female body depends on a variety of factors, including age, skin color, hair color, hormonal changes, and genetics.  Similarly, multiple factors can affect permanent reduction of hair growth.  Generally, darker and thicker hair is removed faster and in fewer treatments, as the laser beam is more attracted to hair of a darker color and its concentration at the hair root.

In general, laser hair removal treatments are scheduled about 4 weeks apart, but can be further apart if needed.  On average, 8-10 treatments can result in almost complete hair-free status in a particular area.  Males whose hair growth is stimulated by testosterone, females who have hormonal changes naturally or due to medication, and those going through gender transition may take longer primarily due to the hormonal issues.

Getting back to the patient who inspired the article, she was also surprised with how quick the procedure was as the underarms can be treated in about 10 minutes after numbing.  After 2 treatments, she is now down to shaving every 10 days as opposed to before the treatment, when she had to shave every 2 days.

She now notices that the hair is not coming in as fast, is softer and less coarse, AND the shaving bumps and ingrown hairs have not come back!  She is determined to be shaving and hair free in the underarms soon.  She is also looking to where to treat unwanted hair next, but is leaning to the bikini line as the area that bugs her most after the underarms.

While there is a short term cost obviously, she feels that constant shaving is clearly outweighed by the long term benefits.  Not needing to buy Nair and razors or make endless waxing appointments into the future also helps.

If you also have pesky areas of hair that are driving you crazy, whether in the underarm area or anywhere else on your body, please feel free to call us for your next complementary and confidential appointment at (207) 873-2158.  We will discuss how to address your needs.

I always tell people that I have performed laser hair removal on several areas of the body over the past 15 years (except the top of the head), so there is no need to be embarrassed.  Whatever hair issue you have, you are not alone.

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Spice Up Your Fall Without Getting Red In The Face

Fall weather brings lots of things to mind, including crisp cool air, leaves changing colors, and football.  For many people, the tastes and smells of fall are most important, with pumpkin spice especially being a favorite.

A recent article from the National Rosacea Society highlighted a flareup issue from this seasonal treat that affects people with rosacea.  When I discuss diet with patients with rosacea, spicy hot foods are one of the most common triggers of flareups that I bring up for concern.

When we think of spicy foods, we always think of items such as hot peppers, cayenne peppers, or chipotle.  However, hot spices are not the only kind of spices someone with rosacea should avoid.

For the past decade, there have been reports of cinnamon causing rosacea flareups in those who are sensitive to spices.  While most people know cinnamon for its sweet taste, also remember that cinnamon is the main ingredient in spicy candies like Atomic Fireballs and Hot Tamales.

The Rosacea Society has a number of recommendations for patients with this condition that may help them discover triggers of flareups and prevent their embarrassment and discomfort.  Among their suggestions, they advise those with rosacea to log their daily eating habits in a food diary.

This food diary should include when a flareup occurs, and what foods and ingredients were consumed around the time of the flareup.  I join the Rosacea Society in their recommendation of keeping a food diary.

When eating out, it is important to ask your waiter what is being placed in your food for flavoring enhancement.  If a particular food includes something you know from your food diary or previous experience can cause a flareup, you can ask your waiter to leave out that particular ingredient, or you can order another alternative without the spice.

This brings us back to our fall or autumn theme.  Pumpkin spice-flavored beverages and foods often include a blend of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.  Knowing that fact, you can ask your local barista or waitstaff to hold the spice if you are sensitive to spices.

If you find that you have an adverse reaction to cinnamon alone, you can actually replace it with nutmeg.  Several chefs have told me that the two spices can be substituted in recipes in a 1 to 1/4 ratio.  In other words, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, you can replace that one cinnamon teaspoon with just 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg instead.

Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you if you or someone you know has rosacea.  You can still enjoy the sights, smells, AND tastes of fall without the embarrassment of red facial flareups.  Bon appetit!

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Advanced Skin Rejuvination with Laser Genesis

I am excited to add the latest in skin rejuvenation technology to my menu of services here at Maine Laser Skin Care.  In this case, the new technology is in the form of Laser Genesis, and Maine Laser Skin Care is the first skin care practice in the entire state of Maine to provide this service.

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser technology that has been proven by multiple medical and scientific studies to produce new collagen.  This procedure addresses the conditions that are most commonly associated with premature aging of the skin, including abnormal redness, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

In addition to being safe and effective, Laser Genesis requires no anesthetics.  Patients are able to be relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

The neck, the upper chest, and face can be treated with patients who will instantly notice gradual and yet consistent improvement with each treatment.  On average, most people need 4-6 treatments to achieve the full smoothing effects desired.

During the Laser Genesis treatment session, you will feel a gentle warming sensation, which most patients describe as feeling rather pleasant.  Following the procedure, that warm feeling can persist for about 30 minutes, and will soon be joined by a mild tingling and skin tightening.

Immediately after the treatment, people have described the skin as looking glowing.  That is why many Hollywood A-listers these days will frequently get Laser Genesis performed on their skin before going on the red carpet.

Laser Genesis can also reduce the appearance of acne scars, rosacea, and large pores.  As the procedure is considered a skin resurfacing system, you get the effects of a much more powerful laser with little to no side effects and no downtime.

Most patients are able to resume all of their previously planned activities such as work and exercise.  If needed, you can apply makeup to your face right away after the procedure.

Post-care instructions for Laser Genesis are fairly simple.  Because laser energy is a form of light energy, you obviously need to wear sunscreen immediately after the treatment, and on a daily basis.  You also need to drink more water to enhance the moisture levels of your skin.

Laser Genesis is considered to be the #1 anti-aging laser skin treatment because it can restore the youthful appearance and glow of your skin.  It can also be combined with microneedling, Hydrafacials, fillers, and Botox to maximize your improvement over time.

The positive results improve with each session.  Maximal results will continue to evolve and improve for 3-6 months after the last treatment session.

If you would like to know if Laser Genesis is right for you, please feel free to call us at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your free and confidential appointment.  Find out the secrets that Hollywood celebrities use to renew and maintain their youthful appearances.

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Introducing Dermaplaning, Our Newest Procedure

We are pleased to offer another procedure to our menu of services in the form of Dermaplaning.  This is a safe procedure that effectively exfoliates the facial skin when performed.

The technique gently removes the very top layer of dead skin cells along with the fine vellus hair (otherwise known as “peach fuzz”).  When the procedure is performed, the facial complexion appears immediately smoother and brighter.

While brand new to everyone here at Maine Laser Skin Care, Dermaplaning has already become a favorite in the entertainment industry and among celebrities.  They have found that removing the dead cells and peach fuzz from their faces allows makeup to go on more easily despite the harshness of bright lights and high-definition TV cameras.

Dermaplaning is distinctly different from microdermabrasion, which exfoliates by abrading the skin.  Also, microdermabrasion has been associated with side effects and complications, especially in those with sensitive skin.

In contrast, Dermaplaning is a painless procedure, and is a first choice among those with excessive or very dark peach fuzz.  Additionally, because Dermaplaning does not involve the use of any chemicals on the skin surface that would be absorbed, it is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

A Dermaplaning procedure takes about 30 minutes, and has no side effects and zero downtime.  Immediately after the procedure, your skin will look radiant with a noticeable evening out of skin texture and skin tone.  With all of the prior peach fuzz gone, the softness of the skin will be profound.

However, the biggest precaution is that since all of the dead skin cells and peach fuzz have been removed, your skin will be more sensitive to ultraviolet light.  Applying a broad spectrum sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 is mandatory after a Dermaplaning procedure.

Dermaplaning is very effective for those individuals with dry or rough skin, as well as those with uneven skin tone and superficial acne scars.  The exfoliation of the dead skin cells triggers your skin to regenerate new skin cells.  The skin cell removal also makes the underlying skin more able to absorb skin care products, making these products more effective in their job of improving your skin.

Dermaplaning is also recommended for all skin types.  The only exception is that those with acne breakouts do need to wait until the breakout is cleared before getting this procedure.  In fact, for those with breakout-prone skin, removing the dead skin cells and vellus hair decreases the buildup of oil and dirt on the skin, which later leads to increased bacteria counts and then pimples.

Our aesthetician, Denise Gidney, is trained and certified in this procedure, and we are thrilled to add this to our menu of services.  If you have any questions about this technique or simply want to schedule a treatment, feel free to call us at (207) 873-2158 to ask your question or schedule your consult and/or appointment.

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