Rosacea- Part I

My next several posts are going to deal with a common, but difficult to treat, chronic skin condition called Rosacea.  Over 14 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with some form of Rosacea, most of whom are between ages 30 and 60.  Women tend to have more Rosacea than men, although men tend to have more serious and disfiguring cases.

Signs of Rosacea include reddened areas with visible blood vessels and often pimples (like acne) over the cheeks, nose and chin.  In early cases, the redness comes and goes.  But as Rosacea gets worse, the redness also increases and results in noticeable, permanent “broken blood vessels”.

Nobody knows what causes Rosacea, although one theory is that skin bacteria can start the process of skin damage and redness.  There are certain factors that can trigger more symptoms.  These “triggers” include hot or cold temperatures, wind, hot drinks, exercise, spicy food, alcohol (especially red wine), and menopause.

Prevention is of the utmost importance in controlling the embarrassing redness and flushing that comes with Rosacea.  I recommend the following Maine Laser Skin Care products for preventative treatment:

  1. Daily use, (even in winter) of a sunscreen with at least SPF-30.  Replenishing Sunblock SPF-36 is available to buy on our website.
  2. Vitamin K applied to the skin also improves skin healing to damage and reduces blood vessel formation.  It is best to apply Vitamin K Creme to reddened areas after washing, which is also available on our website.

In a future post, I will discuss treatments for this common and embarrassing problem of Rosacea.  If you know anyone who has this condition, feel free to cut and paste this information and send it their way.  Of course, it would also help if you told them that Dr. Burke wrote it and not you.

Furthermore, if you have specific questions concerning Rosacea or other skin conditions, visit our website where you can find all this information and more, or call (207) 873-2158.  Thanks again for reading this, and feel free to contact us with any pressing questions at all.

This announcement was sent to our e-newsletter subscribers on October 19, 2007.   Although we added “Part I” to the title, we hadn’t written a Part II to the series yet.  However, Rosacea Part II: ‘Face Up’ To Rosacea is now available to read.

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