The Dirt on Acne

All my patients who have or had teenagers (myself included) know about the problems acne causes.  Acne is indeed an extremely common skin condition.  Approximately 90% of all adolescents experience acne outbreaks at some point in their lives, as do 25% of all adults.

Young men and women get acne in equal numbers, but young men tend to have more severe & longer-lasting cases.  Acne in women tends to be more “hormonal” with outbreaks related to their menstrual cycle.  Hormonal changes can cause acne in women who are in their 30’s and 40’s.  Here at the offices of Maine Laser Skin Care, I have seen and still see many patients with emotional & physical scars from acne.

Acne is caused by inflammation in pores of oil-producing or sebaceous glands after skin cells do not shed properly and plug up pores.  This plugging allows oil to back up & skin bacteria to infect the oil leading to inflammation.  In short, this inflammation creates pimples or “zits”.

Unfortunately, acne is not easy to treat.  Traditional therapies attempt to treat either the plugged pores, the oil production, or the bacteria.  Over $1.4 billion is spent each year in the U.S. on acne medication and treatments.  Not all treatments work on everyone, and treatment needs to be individualized.

In my practice, I often see patients who have used many common treatments including antibiotics.  I find that combinations of topical medication & light-based laser therapy works best in combating difficult-to-treat acne on teenagers’ and adults’ skin.

I would be glad to consult with anyone about specific acne treatments up to and including FDA-approved laser protocols.  Check out our website for more products including our acne spot treatments and kits.  Each product is specially design to combat specific acne problems each.  Thank you very much, and as always we encourage feedback!

This entry was originally written as an e-newsletter exclusively for our subscribers on November 21, 2007, shortly before Thanksgiving.  There were some previous references to Thanksgiving which have since been removed for the sake of relevance.  However, all the information about acne on this post remains the same.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or post any comments (within reason) you may have.

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