The Sun Is Not Your Friend

 Many of the skin problems that I treat at Maine Laser Skin Care are a direct result of long-term sun damage.  Despite the short-term warming feeling of the sun (and for that matter, tanning beds) on your skin, the sun is not your friend.

The sun damage effects on your skin are the cumulative effect of all the sun exposure over your life.  That is why sunburns and/or tanning cause more permanent contaminating repercussions on your skin (e.g. veins, spots, wrinkles) as you get older.  Even though it seems that these side effects just suddenly appeared, you have been damaging your skin for years leading up to the cosmetic appearance of damage.

While I can certainly treat and improve the appearance of your damaged skin, I strongly advocate protection of your skin to slow or prevent skin damage.  Good sunblock is the key.  A good sunblock should protect against the effects of UVA and UVB rays.

The SPF number on sunblock only tells you how much UVB is blocked.  Why is UVA important?  Because UVA is the cause of skin cancer and most skin aging changes.  UVA is also present year-round and in all climates.  If there is daylight, even on cloudy days, you are exposed to UVA and its damaging effects on your skin.

For that reason, Maine Laser Skin care recommends our Replenishing Sunblock.  It is not only SPF 36, but also provides superior UVA protection for your skin compared to other products tested.

Protect your skin daily all year long.  Make daily sunblock part of your daily skin care routine.  As with all the products I recommend, Replenishing Sunblock can be ordered on our website.  Also, Replenishing Sunblock is on sale for the month of April, so stop by our office in Vassalboro, or (for those of you without access to HTML) visit the following page to get this product at an unbeatable price:

And before I forget, welcome to our blog, where I will be posting entries at least once a month.   These articles will discuss vital skin care topics for your information and education.

I also welcome you to forward this and other relevant messages to any friends and family who may be interested in skin care.   Thank you very much for choosing Maine Laser Skin Care for all your dermatological needs!

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