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 I can only explain this additional blog post by how often inspiration hits me, not to mention general enthusiasm.  When I hear about important and exciting dermatolical news items, I can’t help but take a few moments to keep all my patients well informed.

Having said that, I know we have discussed Botox a number of times in the past year, but new information keeps on coming to my attention that I feel needs to be further highlighted.  As you all know from reading the news or watching TV, Botox is now widely accepted socially.  Many everyday people (not just those on shows like Nip-Tuck) are very upfront about the fact that they use Botox to look and feel better.  From a medical standpoint, this trend is understandable and perfectly safe.

A company representative of Allergan, the maker and distributor of Botox, recently visited us here at Maine Laser Skin Care because she saw that this small practice in central Maine was prescribing greater amounts of Botox than other larger practices.  To give you a general idea of her findings, her statistics showed that Botox use is increasing by about 20% nationwide and by 40% in New England.  However, Maine Laser Skin Care alone has increased its use of Botox over the past several years by 60% per year.

Furthermore, after watching me perform several Botox treatments, the company representative felt that we treated our patients in a very consumer-friendly manner, explaining all the details of the treatment and making individual patients comfortable with the procedures and their choices.  Due to our increasing and approved use of Botox, you will be receiving promotional materials (compliments of the Allergan company) for additional discounts if you decide to use Botox for the first time, and for additional treatments as well.

I can’t stress enough that Botox, when properly administered, is extremely safe and the effects are overwhelmingly appreciated by the patients.  If you have any questions concerning Botox or any of our other procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or call to make an appointment.  As always, product specials for each month are listed on our website. Thanks again for reading this, and for your consistent support!

This entry was originally written as an e-newsletter exclusively for our subscribers on May 26, 2008.  The following information has been edited to illiminate dated references, but the main points of the article remain unchanged.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or post any comments (within reason) you may have.

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