Botox Update II


I was presented with some very good news recently which you may be interested in. 

I met with a representative from Allergan- the pharmaceutical company that makes Botox and Juvaderm.  She brought along some amazing information concerning the use of those products in my practice.  I’m proud to say that I currently rank in the Top 20 of all the aesthetic doctors in New England who use Botox and Juvaderm.  I also rank 3rd in the state of Maine. This is all the more amazing as many of the other skin doctors are in much more populated areas such as Portland, Maine, Burlington, Vermont and Portsmouth/Manchester/Concord, New Hampshire. 

The number of people who use Botox has still been growing, but due to the hit the economy took, that growth has actually slowed down to 10% per year in the U.S. and to 4% per year in New England.  However, Maine Laser’s growth alone has stayed at over 50% per year every year since we started using Botox four years ago. 

Our patient satisfaction scores and repeat patient treatments are both very high compared to other doctors in this field.  I am very proud of this growth and the response of patients to the availability of cutting-edge aesthetic care in central Maine.  Next month, in cooperation with Allergan, we will be rolling out several promotions to help keep Botox and Juvederm affordable.  We will keep you posted as plans develop. 

Last but not least, I discussed Botox in more detail in an earlier post.  Because of these exciting developments I just detailed, I just posted that newsletter on our blog, so feel free to check that out if you have any further questions. 

Thanks again for reading this, and for your consistent support!  We will keep providing you with our great customer service. 

This entry was originally written as an e-newsletter exclusively for our subscribers on September 21, 2008.  The information had been edited to illiminate dated references, but the main points of the article remain unchanged.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or post any comments (within reason) you may have.

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