Once You Go Laser . . . (Part II)



In last month’s post, I discussed how laser hair removal works and why it is the most effective weapon in the fight to eradicate unwanted hair.  Now, I would like to highlight information to other frequently asked questions I may not have covered in the last post.


Do Both Men And Women Use Laser Hair Removal?


Although women predominate in this area of treatment, both men and women seek laser hair removal services.  Obviously, they each want different areas treated.  The most common areas of hair removal treatment for women include the face (chin, upper lip, sideburn area), underarms, pubic area/bikini line, neck, and lower abdomen.  For men, the most common areas include the back, the upper chest, ears and nose.  Basically, as I have told many people, any area of the body where hair grows can be treated with laser.  Less common areas that I have treated include the forearms, hands/fingers, top of feet/toes, entire legs, buttocks and breasts.


Lasers also most effective treat a particularly bothersome condition for some men, especially those with dark curly hair (including African-Americans).  The condition is called pseudofolliculitis barbae, or what’s more commonly known as “shaving bumps”.  The bumps are caused by the hair curling up underneath the skin, resulting in an inflammatory response from the body’s immune system.  As I stated last week, the laser can effectively reach the roots of these ingrown hairs, preventing further hair growth and allowing the body to reabsorb the hair.


How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?


The number of treatments depends on many factors, including the hair type, location, color, coarseness, and skin type.  I tell patients all the time that although darker hair is worse for them cosmetically, dark hair is the easiest to treat and the fastest to be removed.  The average number of treatments is usually six to eight, although more treatments are needed in areas that have large concentrations of hair (men’s backs, women’s faces), or have finer and lighter hair.


How Often Are The Treatments Done?


Generally, treatments are done four weeks apart for most areas of the body.  Since hair grows in several phases (anagentelogencatagen) and laser can only “kill” the currently active growing follicles in the anagen phase, different groups of hairs are growing every day.  On average, treating an area once a month has been found to be the best timing.  As more and more hairs in a certain area are eliminated, sometimes I will lengthen the intervals to 6-8 weeks to try to “catch” hairs in the growth phase and clean up the area for good.


I think that these answers cover most of common questions, but if you have any issues not answered here or in previous newsletters or blog posts, please comment on the blog on my website, or email me with your questions. I will respond to you both directly and on the site.


If you have any other questions concerning this article and any other skin issues, please leave a comment on our blog or call our office directly at (207) 873-2158 or email through our website.

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