FRAXEL Laser Rejuvinates At A Deeper Level



At one point or another, we all wish that we could turn back the clock on aging, undo the effects of sun damage, and, as a result, have skin that looks & feels younger and healthier.  FRAXEL laser treatments can do just that.  Well, it can’t perform time travel.  If it could, I wouldn’t be in the skin care business.  These treatments, however, help resurface and revitalize the skin by using thousands of microscopic laser beams to penetrate below the skin surface.  These beams eliminate old, damaged, scarred skin cells, while also stimulating the body’s own healing powers to grow fresh, new, healthy skin.

 Another feature that sets the FRAXEL laser apart from other laser is its “fractional” technology.  This term means that I can target a certain percentage or fraction of the skin’s surface, leaving remaining fractions of the healthy untreated skin to heal the treated areas.  Depending upon the size and location of the treated area, FRAXEL treatments average about 20 minutes in length.  The most common areas treated are the face, neck, chest and hands.

The number of treatments needed will depend upon several factors: the severity or degree of the underlying skin damage or scarring, the desired final outcome, and the amount of “downtime” your lifestyle will allow. “Downtime” refers to the length of time the individual patient will have redness and swelling to the treated area after the procedure, and is on average 2-3 days. Typically, most patients will achieve their desired outcome after 3-6 treatments. The more aggressive the treatment, the longer the downtime.

Because the FRAXEL treatment is a more intense therapy that goes deeper into the skin, most patients feel an increased heat sensation during the procedure. To maximize comfort, it is best to apply a stronger anesthetic ointment to the soon-to-be-treated area one full hour before the procedure.

If you have specific questions about your skin condition and whether FRAXEL would help, please leave a comment on our blog or call our office directly at (207) 873-2158 or email through our website.


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