Firm Skin Secrets

I have noted in previous e-newsletters that when skin ages, it tends to noticeably droop or hang, especially on the face.  Simply put, the more firm your skin is, the younger you look.

Collagen production naturally starts to decline in adults while in their 30s.  Sun damage also speeds up the aging process by reducing collagen.

At about the same time in life, the other support structures of the skin, including fat and muscle, also start to change slowly.  The face in particular loses its youthful plumpness.

The reason for skin sagging is this combined loss of volume.  It is not impossible to defy the effects of gravity and reverse this progressive aging process.

The most important way to firm up aging skin is to stimulate the fibroblast cells below the skin.  This process helps make more collagen, the major building block and foundation of the skin surface.

“Stimulate the fibroblast cells” sounds complicated, I know, but it’s easier than you think.  The best plan is to halt the decline yourself, and then, with our help, also restore the volume. You can firm up your skin, making it “sag-proof”, by taking the following steps:

  1. Use sunblock (SPF 30 or above) every day!  This is the ultimate basic move to prevent future damage which is a cumulative process.
  2. If you smoke, STOP!  In addition to all the well-known bad effects of smoking such as cancer and heart disease, smoking decreases oxygen levels within the skin.  As a result, the activity of fibroblast cells producing collagen decreases.
  3. If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks once or twice a week.  Alcohol dehydrates the body and depletes skin volume which can increase the sagging process.
  4. Botox, strategically injected around the face, can relax depressor muscles and allow elevator muscles to create a subtle lifting effect on parts of the face, especially the eyebrows.
  5. Injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm can restore volume where it is lost on the face.  The hyaluronic acid in these fillers integrates with existing collagen and can jumpstart new collagen growth.
  6. New technologies such as Pellevé can tighten loose skin by causing existing collagen to recoil and tighten under the skin’s surface.  This process results in longer term stimulation of new collagen formation.  Pellevé works especially well around the eyes, whereas other treatments are not able to treat the thinner skin of the eyelids.
  7. For people with multiple insults to the skin including skin damage from the sun as well as scarring from acne and other causes, Fraxel skin resurfacing can reverse the effects of damage on multiple levels of the skin resulting in virtually an entire new skin surface tightening the skin to a more youthful appearance.

Taking the necessary preventative measures (outlined in steps 1 through 3) will stop skin damage.  Then, the exciting technologies Maine Laser Skin Care currently has available will restore the face and skin in the least invasive manner possible. Use these firm skin secrets, and you can defy the effects of aging without surgery.

And as always, for more information or to schedule your first appointment, please call Becky or Denise at (207) 873-2158.

About Dr. John Burke

John Burke M.D. has practiced medicine for over 25 years, and is the founding partner of MidMaine Internal Medicine. He established Maine Laser Skin Care in 2004 after devoting years to learning the latest in laser and dermatologic technology. Dr. Burke has treated patients from all over the United States. He is one of Maine's busiest practitioners in laser treatments, and in the use of Botox for upper facial lines and excessive sweating.
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