Survey Results Follow-Up

survey_resultsI want to thank the many people who responded to our recent e-mail survey.  The answers many of you provided will help guide me in terms of our advertising and marketing for Maine Laser Skin Care.

For those who did respond, remember that you will have a $10 credit for future treatments.  Just call Becky at (207) 873-2158 so it is properly credited to your account.

I would like to share the most relevant results with you, some of which are surprising and some of which are not:

Radio Ad Questions:

  • 70% of respondents do not listen to MIX 107.9 even though it is rated highest for the demographic of females 20-55 in the central Maine area
  • Of the 30% who listen to MIX 107.9, only a third of those have heard our ad
  • Of those who have heard the ad, the responses were very encouraging including “memorable” and “exceptional”

Newspaper Ad Questions:

  • 73.6% of respondents do not read the print version of the local papers
  • Only 13.9% of respondents have seen the Women’s Quarterly ad
  • Of those who saw the ad, all comments were positive including “classy” and “eye-catching”

Yellow Pages Questions:

  • 49% of respondents never use the Yellow Pages anymore
  • Only 7% use them on a regular basis or exclusively for local phone numbers and business information
  • Not surprisingly, 98.6% use Google on a regular basis to find information on local businesses

E-Mail Newsletter Questions:

  • 95% of respondents like receiving the 2 e-mail/weekly newsletter format
  • Only 3% admitted to never reading them

I asked for suggestions for topics for future newsletters.  There were many specific suggestions which I will highlight in future newsletters, including aging, adult acne, facial scarring and pore size.

I was impressed with the volume of response to this poll (although I realize the $10 incentive probably helped), and the quality and thoughtfulness of the comments made. This information will go a long way towards helping me more precisely target the marketing and advertising dollars for Maine Laser Skin Care, not to mention giving me a better idea of what is and is not working for many of you.

Thank you again for your help!

About Dr. John Burke

John Burke M.D. has practiced medicine for over 25 years, and is the founding partner of MidMaine Internal Medicine. He established Maine Laser Skin Care in 2004 after devoting years to learning the latest in laser and dermatologic technology. Dr. Burke has treated patients from all over the United States. He is one of Maine's busiest practitioners in laser treatments, and in the use of Botox for upper facial lines and excessive sweating.
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