New Treatment for Double Chin

kybella-before-afterI just recently returned from Boston where I completed the final stage of training in the use of Kybella, which is the newly FDA-approved injectable treatment for submental fullness, better known as “Double Chin.”  Studies have shown that many more people express dissatisfaction with the fat in this area than other areas of their face.

As you may know, double chin or submental fat can be diet and exercise resistant.  Many people even at a healthy weight and normal body mass index can have this stubborn condition, and may benefit from Kybella to recontour that aspect of their profile.  Previously, liposuction was the only option for removing the fat from this area.

Kybella_ModelNow, I have available to offer a non-surgical treatment that will dissolve fatty tissue under the chin with long-lasting results, proven up to 2 years so far.  By completing the training noted above, I am proud to be one of the few doctors in Maine certified to administer this Kybella treatment.

Kybella is injected through a series of targeted pinpoints under your chin.  During the preparation process, I will explain to you which areas can be safely and effectively treated with Kybella based on your anatomy and your ultimate aesthetic goals.

Prior to injection, we will administer Tylenol and Ibuprofen to you unless contraindicated for pain control.  After marking out the area to be treated, a cold pack will be applied and the area cleaned with antiseptic.

kybella_needleThe injection process does involve minimal discomfort as with any injection, and this generally takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  After the injections, the area treated will feel a burning sensation as the Kybella solution begins working to chemically melt the fat in the area injected.  Cold packs after the treatment also help to decrease this sensation.

Tenderness, swelling, mild numbness and bruising are possible side effects in the several days after the injections, but usually resolve within a few days.  Most people feel comfortable going back to work within a day or two, although they might wear turtlenecks or scarves during this period for obvious reasons.

kybella_diagramDepending on the amount of fat in the area at baseline and the extent of the desired improvement, 2-4 treatments may be needed at least a month apart.  This treatment will remove the fat, but does not necessarily tighten the skin in this area.  Other skin tightening procedures may be needed if your skin inelasticity is significant.

Over 20 clinical studies have been done with this medication, treating over 1600 patients.  Throughout these studies, 79% of patients treated with Kybella reported satisfaction with the improvement of their double chin appearance.

While this treatment does have many advantages to surgical options, Kybella is not for everybody.  During the initial consultation, I will examine you, your medical history, and your photographs to determine if this procedure is the right one for you.

If you are wondering if Kybella can help you achieve your cosmetic goals in this troublesome area, call us at (207) 873-2158 soon for a free consultation.  We currently have a waiting list of interested participants who will be contacted first as soon as this product is shipped to us in the next week or two.

I will begin treating people with this cutting edge product every day I am in the office.  Also, like Botox and fillers before it, I will always keep Kybella on hand!

About Dr. John Burke

John Burke M.D. has practiced medicine for over 25 years, and is the founding partner of MidMaine Internal Medicine. He established Maine Laser Skin Care in 2004 after devoting years to learning the latest in laser and dermatologic technology. Dr. Burke has treated patients from all over the United States. He is one of Maine's busiest practitioners in laser treatments, and in the use of Botox for upper facial lines and excessive sweating.
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