Female Facial Hair: A Touchy Subject

Despite being a doctor and knowing lots obviously about the human body, I was unaware of the extent of the issues surrounding facial hair and women until I started my laser practice here at Maine Laser Skin Care.  It is a delicate issue and a touchy subject on both medical and social levels.

Even if there is a medical reason for the development of facial hair, women who have it feel understandably very self-conscious about it.  A blogger from Australia who writes on this issue, Tina-Marie Beznec, asks the world: “Do you know how unfeminine this can make a women feel?”

Tina-Marie herself has a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  She consistently opens up about her diagnosis through her blog and Facebook posts in order to draw awareness to PCOS.

Facial hair growth is generally mediated by testosterone, generally known as the male sex hormone.  Many do not know that both male and female hormones are simultaneously produced in the bodies of both men and women.  Many of characteristics we think of as male or female are related to the proportion of these hormones in the body.

PCOS is a relatively common disorder in women of reproductive age, and affects up to 20% of women to varying degrees.  Many of the symptoms of this condition are caused by overproduction of the male hormone androgen.

The reason for this imbalance is not known, but it can be managed, although (unfortunately) not cured.  Symptoms include depression, anxiety, weight gain, bloating. irregular periods, infertility, acne breakouts, and, as you can probably guess, facial hair growth.

While I cannot treat the hormonal imbalance with my services,  my contribution is that I can remove the most socially embarrassing aspect of PCOS with the technology of laser hair treatments.  I have treated many women who have then been able to deal with this symptom more effectively, and have noted increases in self-esteem and decreases in depression.

laser-hair-removal-for-faceI certainly want to emphasize that not all female facial hair is due to PCOS.  Many women have very light skin and very dark hair, making the hair more visually obvious.  Other women have hormonal imbalances of testosterone due to other hormone shifts such as pregnancy, menopause, or changes in oral contraceptives.

My biggest message here is that you should not be afraid to reach out and seek medical advice.  All of our consultations here at Maine Laser Skin Care are confidential and free.

If you want, you don’t even need to tell my front desk why you want the consultation.  Just say that you want a laser consult.

Getting rid of facial hair can give you a self-confidence boost and can eliminate a royal pain in the neck.  I have had many women lament all the time they have spent plucking, waxing,  and going to electrolysis appointments when they could have eliminated their facial hair permanently with laser technologies.

Call us at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your free consultation today.  Start your journey to being facial hair-free!

About Dr. John Burke

John Burke M.D. has practiced medicine for over 25 years, and is the founding partner of MidMaine Internal Medicine. He established Maine Laser Skin Care in 2004 after devoting years to learning the latest in laser and dermatologic technology. Dr. Burke has treated patients from all over the United States. He is one of Maine's busiest practitioners in laser treatments, and in the use of Botox for upper facial lines and excessive sweating.
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