Get Festive With Latisse

Latisse-b&aIn anticipation of the upcoming holidays and in recognition of Maine Laser Skin Care being in continuously good status with Allergan, the makers of the eyelash growth medication Latisse, we are proud to announce a special offer for the next 10 customers who get their next Latisse treatment through our office.  Allergan has named this promotion “Tis the season for BOGO Days.”

Basically, it works like this:

  1. Order Latisse through Maine Laser Skin Care either by phone or in person.  If you have not ordered through us previously, Dr. Burke will need to review the informed consent for Latisse, as Latisse is available by prescription only.
  2. When you buy the 5 ml kit from us, you will be given a form where you will fill out the left half with your information, and Dr. Burke fills out the right half.
  3. You will mail three things to the specified address on the form:
    1. The completed form itself
    2. The original receipt showing purchase of Latisse
    3. The UPC bar code cut from the box
  4. After a few weeks, you will receive a FREE 3 ml Latisse kit in the mail.  It is as simple as that!

latisse-savingsSo to reiterate, when you buy 5 ml of Latisse from us, you will receive an additional 3 ml of Latisse FREE.  This extra Latisse kit will extend the eyelash growth benefits of this product.

As you might expect, there is some urgency in this offer, as we have only 10 offers left (2 have already been claimed prior to this blog being posted).  The offer is also only good through December 30, 2016, but I can assure you that these deals will be snapped up well before then.

If you are a Latisse user who is running out or wants to stock up for the new year, be sure to call us at (207) 873-2158 ASAP to claim your BOGO offer.  If you have never used Latisse but are interested in having thicker and longer lashes without the expense and maintenance headaches of eyelash extensions, call us to set up a informed consent consult with Dr. Burke and a brief tutorial on how to use this product effectively.

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