Cure For The “Trump Bumps”

election_2016This past week’s election results have been a source of consternation and shock to many and a source of elation to others.  In fact, I happened to notice that I had a significant rush of patients coming in for Botox in the latter part of last week.

We here at Maine Laser Skin Care use large amounts of Botox to diminish the upper face wrinkles and particularly “scowl lines”.  While our sales of Botox procedures are usually nothing at which to frown, we experienced a much higher spike at the end of last week than usual.

On Friday of last week (November 11, 2016),  I was discussing this phenomenon with a patient who specifically stated that she came in for Botox due to her distress about the election and the terrible look it was leaving on her face, especially between her eyes.  I told her that I treated many others who had similar complaints of worsening scowls and had specifically requested Botox this week as well.

trump_bumpsI speculated that there should be a name for this facial phenomenon since it was brought on by a definite historic event.  After several minutes of brainstorming, I came up with the term “Trump Bumps”.

“Trump Bumps” specifically describe the bulges of muscle between the eyes that result in the forming of the famous “eleven lines”.  When Botox is skillfully injected into that area, the bumps caused by excessive muscle contraction can be relaxed and the “eleven lines” smoothed out.

In the interest of promoting domestic tranquility or at least the facial appearance of it, I am declaring my plan to cure the “Trump Bumps” for the women and men of central Maine.  To promote this plan, I am declaring a unilateral 10% discount on the charges on all Botox injections from now until the end of November 2016.

When you call us at (207) 873-2158 to make an appointment, tell Emily or Denise that you want to get rid of your “Trump Bumps”.  Using that term will automatically get you the 10% post-election discount.

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