Fall Skin Care Essentials

fall_sunWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, autumn is in full swing with winter on the horizon.  If you have not noticed it yet, your skin is being affected by changes in your environment on multiple levels.

Small adjustments in your skin care routine can sometimes make your skin look and feel better too.  Follow these relatively simple tips to pamper and care for one of your most important assets that the world sees every day, your skin:

1.) Moisturize!

One of the major environmental changes during the fall and winter months is the lowering of humidity in the air, which tends to draw moisture out of the skin.  If you want your skin to look healthy and not wrinkled and scaly, you need to moisturize your skin every day.

The best time to moisturize is after showering.  While your skin is still moist, apply a body lotion or moisturizer to essentially trap that moisture within the outermost skin cells.

2.) Protect Your Skin From The Sun

moisturize_cartoonDespite the fact that the sun does not feel as strong as during the summer, you are still subjected to the photoaging effects of the sun when your skin is not protected.  Photoaging is the result of the cumulative damage from the sun over your lifetime.

Wear a SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day, even during rain, snow, sleet or hail.  It is best not to add to that sun damage when you least expect it.

3.) Examine Your Skin

age_spot_analysisAs your skin dries and any color you may have accumulated over the summer fades (despite your best sunscreen efforts), you may notice changes in your skin that you did notice around this time last year.  Sometimes you find a spot on your skin that you did not notice previously, or an area of your skin that is now dry and itchy that was normal in the summer.

Don’t ignore any changes in your skin.  Ask your primary care doctor or us at Maine Laser Skin Care to evaluate these changes.

These skin changes may seem very innocent and benign, but you do not want to miss what could potentially be the first signs of skin cancer.  Even if the symptoms are not as worst-case scenario as skin cancer, changes in your skin care routine or other treatments that are readily available can reduce these effects, and help you look and feel better.

4.) Now Is The Best Time For Many Treatments

The fall is a great time to undergo many laser and/or injectable treatments.  With laser therapy for sun-related spots and hyperpigmentation, you will be more sensitive to the sun for at least a week after the treatment.  With the sun stronger in the summer than in the fall or winter, you will experience less sun sensitivity following your appointment.

Laser treatments for spider veins on the legs are also easier because the pants you probably wear this time of year will already cover your legs after the therapy.  Even the neck swelling and redness left for a week after Kybella treatments for the double chin is easier to hide with turtle necks or scarves worn during the cooler weather.

Even though many people may not be fond of the colder weather and the shorter days of the fall and winter, my response is this: To every season, there is a reason.  This rationale is why Maine Laser Skin Care continues to be busy all year long.

We also continue to grow year after year thanks to all of you and the power of your word-of-mouth advertising.  I hope that these easy-to-implement tips help going forward into the holidays and beyond.

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