First in Maine To Offer Volbella, An Exciting New Filler

volbella_love_your_lipsVolbella is the most recent addition to the Allergan family of dermal fillers, and is considered a revolutionary formulation.  It is specifically designed to help create more full and sculpted-appearing lips, improve fine lines around the lips (i.e. “smoker’s lines”), and more clearly define the lip border.

Unfortunately, very few people are born with naturally-sculpted lips that fully complement their facial features.  Additionally, most of us will lose volume in our lips over the years, making the lips appear thinner and flatter.

The unique and proprietary technology of Volbella blends different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to produce a smooth but longer lasting gel for the enhancement of the mouth area.  Volbella recently received FDA approval for that purpose.

I recently became trained to use Volbella by the Allergan company.  Because Allergan recognizes Maine Laser Skin Care as a reputable Botox and Juvederm distributor, I am officially the first doctor in Maine to be approved to inject this brand new treatment.

Following my training, I immediately placed my first order for Volbella.  It will be in our hands shortly and available for treatment soon.

volbella_injectionBefore a typical Volbella injection, I will discuss what you want in terms of the look of your lips.  Some people are more concerned about the smoker’s lines while others are only concerned about enhancing the volume of their upper lip alone.  Once we have defined your needs and concerns, then the fun begins!

Similar to other filler procedures, I will apply a novacaine-type numbing cream to your lips for about 15 minutes after initial photos are taken of your mouth.  These pictures will be your “before” photos, and the pictures we take after the procedure will be (you guessed it) your comparable “after” photos.

Because Volbella is an ultra-smooth gel, I use a very fine needle that will minimize any potential pain and injection swelling.  Since Volbella also contains lidocaine, the area is gently numbed during the course of the treatment process.

Most patients experience very little swelling after the procedure.  Fortunately, my gentle lip massaging techniques easily controls what little swelling there is.

volbella_baOver the coming months, this revolutionary gel filler will continue to keep your lips full and beautiful.  Another nice feature of Volbella is the contouring and line-erasing benefits can be seen immediately.

One of first doctors to use Volbella during its initial trials for FDA approval called Volbella the first “lunchtime lip lift.”  That is, there is virtually no downtime following the procedure, as people can have the lip injections and then return to work and resume all normal activities right away.

Like a lot of aesthetic products, Volbella has been available in Europe and more than 70 countries around the world before its approval in the United States.  Safety and effectiveness studies have shown excellent results, with more than 67% of patients reporting excellent improvement in lip fullness and reduced lip lines through one full year after their initial treatment.

Because this is a new product in the U.S. and Maine Laser Skin Care is the first practice in Maine to offer Volbella, I expect that demand will be high, especially after its introduction on popular health-related TV shows such as The Doctors and The Dr. Oz Show.  If you are interested in getting your lip volume back and/or erasing those pesky smoker’s lines (whether or not you were a smoker in the past), call us ASAP at (207) 873-2158 to reserve your spot.

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