The Best Laser For Your Skin

warning_laser_beamMost people do not know that the word “laser” is actually an acronym.  The letters in in the word “laser” stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Basically, within devices that create laser beams, light is usually magnified by a system of lenses and mirrors to produce a very powerful light of one specific wavelength.  Each wavelength of light has specific properties in terms of its specific target and how deep below the skin it can travel.

Therefore, despite the fact that the term laser is thrown around a lot in the media and in general discussion, the current level of laser technology is very specialized for treating different conditions, especially within the medical category of skin care.  Definitely, one size does not fit all in the area of laser medicine.  No other skin care technology is so consistently precise in targeting an individual skin issue, whether it is acne, an age spot, a scar or unwanted hair.

laser_beamOne of other excellent features of the current generation of laser skin care technology is that the energy level or power of the laser can be adjusted to the individual patient and their skin type.  From the very fair skin to the very dark skin types, adjustments can be made to compensate so that no harm is done to the skin and the target at issue is able to be addressed.

Skin goals need to be matched to the right laser.  The power needed to achieve that goal needs to be adjused to the individual skin type.

Here is a general overview of the various lasers in use here at Maine Laser Skin Care, and how they treat various skin issues and can help you:

Lyra Nd:YAG Laser

lyra_laserThis laser’s longer wavelength of light allows it to penetrate deeper within the skin.  We use it for hair removal and treatment of spider veins of the legs.  This is the first laser approved by the FDA for its effectiveness in hair removal for all skin types, including those with sun-tanned skin and naturally dark skin tone such as African-American, Hispanic and Asian patients.

Aura KTP Laser

This laser is used for more superficial targets such as hyperpigmented age or sun-damage spots as well as small facial blood vessels.  This wavelength is absorbed by its targets, resulting in a heat effect that changes the biochemistry of these areas treated.

Dark spots initially become slightly darker for 3-4 days after the treatment, and then slowly fade over time as they peel and flake off.  Small facial blood vessels such as those seen with sun damage and with rosacea are collapsed with the heat of the laser, leaving your body to reabsorb them.

Fraxel Fractional Laser

fraxel3This laser is the gold standard for the treatment of scars and the treatment of skin that is significantly damaged by the ravages of sun and age.  Fraxel produces microscopic holes in the skin by rapidly firing a laser skin in a grid pattern over the skin area treated.

In the healing and recovery process, new skin and collagen is formed to fill in the indentations caused by the laser beams.  In the course of 3 to 4 treatments, virtually a new layer of skin can form over the treated area to undo many years of damage and scarring.

In addition to these lasers, we at Maine Laser Skin Care have added other energy technologies including radio frequency, ultrasound and microneedling to treat various skin issues.  These revolutionary treatments join a range of injectable products such as Botox, dermal fillers and Kybella that are effective in treating wrinkles, lines and the dreaded double chin respectively.

Finally, instead of harnessing the heat effects of the lasers, we have also added the power of cold with Coolsculpting, which literally freezes fat and allows the body to reabsorb the killed fat cells and sculpt unwanted bulges.  As always, I continue to strive to add new modalities as they are developed and are proven in order to bring the best of aesthetic medicine to Maine.

If you have any questions concerning laser or other aesthetic technological developments and how they could help you and your skin look better, please call us at  (207) 873-2158 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  One of these treatments, even if it is not necessarily a laser, will be right for you.

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