Botox Special To Start Off 2017 With A Bang!

Allergan, the makers of Botox, are doing it again!  They are rolling out a new promotion between now and the end of March 2017 that will be a big money saver for those who love Botox.

When you come in to our office for your next Botox treatment from now until March 31, 2017, you will receive an instant rebate of $50.  This savings can be combined with any Brilliant Distinctions points and savings you may have accumulated.  Plus, you can also add in your Holiday Gift Card discount of $50 from Maine Laser Skin Care, which can be redeemed before the end of March 2017.

But wait, as they say on infomercials and the home shopping channels, there’s more!  If you redeem the first $50 rebate with your next Botox treatment through March 31, 2017, you will also have another $50 added to your Brilliant Distinctions account.

This additional $50 can be used for another Botox treatment 90 days after the first treatment.  It can also be combined with other Brilliant Distinctions points you may have accumulated as well.

Call us at (207) 873-2158 as soon as you can to reserve your Botox rebate!  Also, don’t forget other limited-time promotions available through Maine Laser Skin Care, including:

  • $100 off Kybella, the double chin fat-melting treatment, until the end of January 2017
  • $100 off each syringe of Voluma, which restores cheek and mid-face volume and last 2 years, for the first 20 people or until February 14, 2017.
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