Latisse Special! Longer and Thicker Eyelashes At A Discount For A Limited Time.

For the first 12 people to respond to this blog post and order Latisse, you will receive an instant $20 rebate!  This savings opportunity is equivalent to a 12.5% discount on Latisse.

This is a perfect time for those regular Latisse users to stock up as well as for first timers who have always wanted to try this popular eyelash treatment.  We at Maine Laser Skin Care have also seen a recent trend of those who tired of constantly returning for eyelash extensions and wanted a cost effective treatment that they can apply themselves.

As you probably know, Latisse is a prescription-only medication that has been proven to increase eyelash length by 25%, eyelash thickness by 106%, and eyelash darkness by 18% on average.  Clinical trials reported improvement as early as 4 weeks, and 100% of participants in these trials noticed improvement after 12 weeks with maximum benefit at 16 weeks.

The treatment is very simple to apply, especially to anyone who has ever used eyeliner.  Once Latisse users see their desired benefit with nightly application of Latisse to their upper eyelash line area, they can reduce their Latisse usage to every other night.

Many people who have had eyelash extensions in the past tell us that they can easily pay for the Latisse with money saved from what they could be spending on eyelash extensions.  The other benefit of Latisse is that the thicker, longer and darker eyelashes you develop will be your own lashes, so that they will look natural and evenly distributed.

After the initial consultation and discussion with Dr Burke, you can carry out this treatment on your own at home without the need for time-consuming appointments, which are usually needed with eyelash extensions.  If you have had the initial consult in the past and have ordered from us before, call to claim your discount and we can even ship the Latisse to you.

If you have not used Latisse before, call us to schedule a brief initial consultation.  We will discuss the benefits versus minimal risks of Latisse, and elaborate upon the specifics of how the treatment is applied.

Remember, we currently only have 12 $20-off discount coupons left, and they will go fast!  We have had similar offers to this one in the past that sold out within 24 hours.  Call us ASAP at (207) 873-2158 to reserve your money-saving rebate and enjoy better looking eyelashes at a great price!

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