The Power of the New Year

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a patient who was new both to me and to the field of aesthetic medicine.  She was agonizing over the choice of “aging gracefully” versus taking care of many facial wrinkles that were driving her crazy.

She did not want to hear any more comments about how she looked so tired or angry when she did not feel that way.  Of course, she heard many of these comments from others before the treatment, but not at all from me.

After I discussed with her the great benefits versus the minimal risk of these treatments done in my professional and experienced hands, she eventually decided to proceed with Botox.  After the treatment, she was quite relieved as well as excited about what the ultimate outcome will be.

Whether we like it or not, we are judged and we judge ourselves based on how we look.  In all cultures, not just our celebrity-driven American culture, people make initial judgments of a person based on that person’s appearance.

These judgments are not solely a social or cultural phenomenon.  All of us have our outlook and moods affected by how we look.  Think about how good you feel when you have a great looking hairstyle, or when you are wearing an outfit that accentuates your assets and diminishes your deficiencies.

Recent psychological and sociological studies have shown that people who look better according to the standards of their cultures receive preferential treatment.  When study participants are shown photos of those with “attractive” faces, they associate these faces with predominantly positive attributes of health, intelligence, power and competence.  It may not be fair, but that is how our minds work at a basic level.

This is the power of having a makeover and producing the New You.  Transforming your outside can jump-start the effect of how you feel on the inside.

We all can improve on some level.  I truly believe that we do not have to accept things the way they are.

We can all learn more ways to improve our lives.  We can increase our energy levels and boost our confidence through fairly simple means.

Some of the means involve changes in diet and increases in regular exercise.  Some involve stopping habits that are actually dragging you down such as smoking and tanning.

In addition, the current state of medical technology allows us to make relatively small and non-invasive changes that can change the way we project our image to the world.  What is the message that you want to send to the world?  You do have the power to make changes in your outward appearance that can profoundly affect that message.

The New Year can give you a unique opportunity to hit the reset button and start the New You.  Still You, only better!

If you are confused about all the choices out there, I would be glad to meet with you and discuss all the various options and come up with a plan to deal with what bothers you about your appearance the most.  If you know the specific problem you want to address (e.g. “I hate the lines on my forehead”), we can make an appointment to treat that specific problem.  Call us at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your free and confidential consultation or an appointment.

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