What’s the Difference Between Night Creams and Day Creams?

What is the difference between a night cream and a day cream?  Is there really any difference?

These are very common skin care questions that I get asked frequently, so I will address them for you.  I find that even if people have not asked a particular question, the subject is something about which they have been wondering anyway.

Night creams and day creams are truly formulated differently for unique, specific reasons.  Like many other areas of the body, the skin repairs itself overnight from damage it may have sustained over the previous day.

The skin does the majority of its restoration process while we are sleeping, which is why many of us are aware of this process.  As a result, night creams tend to be formulated to concentrate on moisturizing the skin and helping with the recovery process.

Night creams are generally richer and heavier, and often involve stronger ingredients such as peptides and retinols.  In addition to their restoration abilities, many of these ingredients also work to boost cell turnover and improve fine lines.

When people ask me to recommend my go-to night cream, I immediately direct their attention to the Multi-Complex Night Cream, which combines retinol and peptides with antioxidants such as CoQ10.  This combination helps to improve fine lines and uneven pigments by increasing skin moisture levels and enhancing the repair process.

Another favorite product I highly recommend is Copper DNA Repair, one of our newest products.  This unique formula contains copper peptides and anti-oxidants to reverse the effects of aging on the skin through repairing DNA damage and stimulating skin cell function.

In contrast, day creams tend to have a lighter consistency and are made to layer under makeup and other skin care products.  Additionally, most modern day creams will have a sunscreen component.

The primary job of day creams is protection, whether from the sun, wind or other environmental damage agents on the skin.  Favorite day creams here at Maine Laser Skin care include Vita-Soothe and Replenishing Sunscreen, all of which include moisturizers with protective properties.

The major point to remember is that night time skin care products often consist of stronger ingredients for the purpose of skin repair and anti-aging.  Daytime specific skin care products serve a different purpose as they primarily protect the skin.  Both are obviously important in a comprehensive skin care program.

If you have any specific skin care product questions, do not hesitate to call us at (207) 873-2158 to speak with me or my aesthetician, Denise Gidney.  We can make recommendations based on your skin type, prior treatments, and examination of the skin itself.

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