Botox Takes the Angry Look Away

Botox has been around for long enough that many people take it for granted.  However, there was a time when there was no easy and effective treatment for the scowl lines and “elevens” between the eyes.

Every day, I hear stories from people who say that the reason they get Botox is because someone in their work or home life continually ask them why they are mad or angry looking.  Paradoxically, it makes these people angry to know that they look angry despite not being angry in the first place.

The scowl lines are the inevitable consequence of the complex of muscles underlying that area repeatedly folding over the skin, causing the collagen to be squeezed out.  Once the collagen is pushed aside, the skin sinks into the area of deficient collagen and the dreaded lines form.

Depending on the way the individual muscle fibers are lined up, the lines can look like a 1, 11 or a 111.  The most common results is an 11, which is why most people describe the scowl lines as their “elevens”.

Many people think that the logical treatment method would be to use an injection of filler into that area.  That apparently common sense logic is wrong for two reasons.

First, fillers are difficult to use in that area because of the circulation and anatomy underlying the skin.  Second, unless the muscle is dealt with first, the folding action will squeeze out the filler in the same way your own collagen was moved out.

The beauty of Botox is that it gets to the root of the problem between the eyes, which is the muscle contraction that causes the scowl lines.  Because Botox blocks the signal from the nerve ending to the muscle that tells it to contract, the muscle stays in a state of relaxation, which flattens the muscle.

Since the muscle cannot contract, the skin is not folded over repeatedly.  Without being folded over again and again, the scowl lines gradually fade away as collagen migrates back into the area over time.

When the Botox wears off and the muscle contracts normally again, the lines could return unless the muscle is treated again.  When longer the scowl muscles are relaxed, the more and more the scowl lines fade.  Without the scowl lines, you will inevitably look more relaxed, less tired and definitely less angry.

The area between the eyes was the first area that the FDA approved for Botox use.  This treatment has an excellent track record with over a decade of extraordinary safety.  Literally millions of people all over the world has had Botox in this area, and continue to get it repeatedly with great and satisfying results.

If you are tired or angry about people you know commenting that you look tired and angry when you are really not, give us a call at (207) 873-2158 to schedule a consultation and/or treatment.  You will be glad you did.

This treatment has a very high patient satisfaction rate.  96-98% of people has the procedure repeated when the initial effects wear off.

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