Cool Facts About CoolSculpting

For about a year now, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care have been treating people with CoolSculpting for non-invasive fat reduction.  Quite frankly, the results have been excellent.

Zeltiq, the creators and manufacturers of CoolSculpting, has also recently taken a big step. They have just sold their innovative technology to Allergan, the undisputed leader in medical aesthetics.

This sale will not change the flow of innovation surrounding CoolSculpting.  If anything, this deal should enhance CoolSculpting’s already sterling modification process.

As we approach the first anniversary of adding CoolSculpting to our aesthetic practice, I thought I would share some Cool facts that I have accumulated about this treatment:

  1. CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment in the world. To date, more than 3 million treatments have been performed worldwide.
  2. The inventors of CoolSculpting were inspired to pursue the use of cold to reduce fat when they noticed that children who ate popsicles frequently also developed dimples in their cheeks due to fat loss.
  3. The application of precisely-regulated cold temperatures to a fat deposit induces a phenomenon called cryolipolysis. It’s a big word, but it basically means that fat cells are frozen, die, and then are eliminated from that area and the body permanently.
  4. Because CoolSculpting is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia, there is essentially no recovery period.  After the individual treatment or treatments, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities.  You do not have wear any constricting garments or other cover-ups.
  5. With CoolSculpting, fat loss is not instantaneous, but is rather gradual starting within the first few weeks and continuing for 3 to 4 months.  In general, most people notice a reduction of 20 to 25% of fat from the first treatment to a localized area.

I bet that these facts alone have already peaked your interest.  If you would like to know if you are a candidate for this non-invasive but very effective technology, call Maine Laser Skin Care at (207) 873-2158 and ask for a free and confidential and individualized consultation with Denise Gidney, our aesthetician and official CoolSculpting-certified technician.

Because every person and their body is unique, a consultation is really the only way to analyze your needs and give an estimate of the time and cost of the CoolSculpting process for you.  One thing I can guarantee you is that CoolSculpting will be less painful and more affordable than surgical alternatives such as liposuction, and with less downtime.

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