Winter Is A Great Time For Kybella

So far this winter, I have been seeing above-average interest in Kybella, the latest non-surgical treatment for the “double chin”.  This renewed interest stems largely from people usually being very conscious of their “double chin” area, and wanting something done about it during the cold weather when they can keep their necks wrapped up in turtlenecks or scarves.

I performed two Kybella procedures yesterday morning back-to-back in the space of about an hour for two friends who came in to the office together.  Just to give you an idea of how relatively easy this procedure is, I will outline how I treated these friends, who both happened to be women.

After going through the initial paperwork, including informed consent and medical history, we take photos of the area in several different poses that most especially showcase the neck.  I generally review any concerns that the individual has about the procedure as well as their medical history.  After this initial consultation, the preparation for the procedure begins!

First, Novocaine or numbing cream is applied to the area, making it quite numb within 10-15 minutes.   After the numbing is removed, I then clean and disinfect the area.

Using a makeup marker, I then outline the area of the “double chin” to be treated so as to avoid important structures such as the thyroid gland, major blood vessels and nerves.  After the treatment zone is clearly identified, I place a template over the area that designates the exact location of each injection site.

Now, the actual treatment begins.  Many people are amazed that the preparation frequently takes longer than the actual injection part of the procedure, but that’s the way it goes.

I precisely inject a designated amount of Kybella into each of sites outlined by the template.  The injections go along very smoothly and quickly.

During these injections, the patient feels very little of the actual needle puncture because of the numbing cream preparation.  What the person does feel is at first very slight warmth, but then an intensifying burning sensation.

The warmth or burning sensation is actually due to chemical effect of the Kybella starting to digest or melt the fat in the treated area.  This feeling generally lasts for about 4 hours and is easily controlled by cold packs.  Some people made find that they need an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil to further ease the pain.

As soon as the injections are done, the area is cleaned again and a cold pack is rapidly applied.  Despite pain concerns, many people find that once the cold pack is applied, they feel very little discomfort after the treatment.

By the morning after the treatment, the “double chin” or submental area will appear red and swollen, but with very little discomfort.  I always tell people that it will look much worse than it feels.

Within the first several days, the previously firm fatty area will feel “squishy or liquidy” as described by one patient.  Some have also referred to this stage as the “bullfrog” look, as it is red and swollen and more mobile than usual.  This is the point where strategic use of a turtleneck and/or scarf can help for cosmetic effect.

The first week of redness and swelling can be reduced by continuing use of cold packs to the area, but it is certainly not required.  After the first week, there will be a gradual but steady improvement in appearance with the redness, swelling, and the “double chin” appearance itself reducing rapidly.

Fat in the area will be diminished, and this will in turn reduce the gravity pull on the skin in there as well.  Reducing the fat and the heat involved with the process is also thought to tighten up skin in that area, especially for younger patients who have good skin tone and texture.

Most people leave my office with the cold pack under their chin saying, “That wasn’t too bad after all”.  Even more importantly, the vast majority of patients having this procedure at Maine Laser Skin Care in the past year and a half have been very satisfied with the results.

Many of these patients have also been returning for repeat treatments when they have seen the benefit but just want more fat gone.  However, I always tell patients (as I am telling you) to wait at least one month before deciding if more treatment is needed.

To see if you are a candidate for Kybella, call us at (207) 873-2158 to schedule a free and confidential consultation so I can assess the “double chin” area by photo and in person.  Many people, however, have been scheduling appointments directly based on their research online and results they have heard about from friends.

We have even had people send us selfies to see if they are a candidate before scheduling an appointment, and that is perfectly fine as well.  The important thing is that you can count on Maine Laser Skin Care to help remove that “double chin” safely and effectively.


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