Is Preventative Botox Real?

Botox is one of those treatments that many associate with an older demographic group who wants to reduce the lines and wrinkles of the face.  However, at Maine Laser Skin Care, I have seen an increasing number of younger people in their 20s and 30s asking for what they call “preventive” Botox.

These young people frequently say that they see facial lines in older members of their family, and they want to stop these disagreeable wrinkles before they start.  Whether they are afraid of getting wrinkles in the exact same places as older members of their family, or they just want to be without as many wrinkles as possible, their motivation to get “preventative” Botox remains the same.

The principle of using Botox for preventive reasons is to retrain facial muscles and improve their effects on the overlying skin.  When these muscles are relaxed and retrained, it helps reduce and prevent wrinkles and lines.

When I first started injecting Botox in 2003, the youngest patients getting Botox were in their late 30s.  Starting about five years ago, I noticed that the average age of first-time Botox users was dropping steadily.

It is now quite common to see patients in their 20s and early 30s not only requesting Botox, but asking for injections on a daily basis.  Many women in this age group are most especially coming in this time of year to reap the effects of Botox before their upcoming weddings.

Many younger people will describe the appearance of their mother, older sisters, or aunts that they do not want to see on themselves.  When the earliest signs of lines start, they want to take action.

I also have another theory also about the younger Botox demographic.  People are spending more and more time squinting at and concentrating on various screens from their laptops, iPads or smart phones.

This intensified concentration induces the facial muscles that produce scowls around the mouth and crow’s feet near the eyes.  Since the younger population has grown up with these devices as part of their lives and work, these facial muscles may have become overdeveloped earlier.

By using very precise placement of Botox into the muscle groups that cause these lines,  I can affect the specific muscles that pull the skin in the direction that I need to suppress to prevent facial lines and wrinkles.  This method will reduce the ability of muscle movements to essentially squeeze out the collagen under the surface, preventing the lines from forming.  This technique of selective muscle relaxation will allow the skin to age more evenly.

So, I titled this blog entry with a question: “Is preventative Botox real?”.  The answer to the title question is: Yes, preventive Botox is real, and is becoming an everyday phenomena.

Regardless of how old you are or in what age group you fall, if you see lines forming that you do not like, there is help.   The lines are not necessarily inevitable despite your family facial traits.

Call us at (207) 873-2158 for a free and confidential consultation to address your current and future facial concerns.  You can even bring in family pictures to help best diagnosis the trouble areas.

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