Limited Kybella & Botox Special Not To Be Missed

In several previous blog posts, I have detailed the unique relationship we here at Maine Laser Skin Care have with Allergan, the company that makes Botox, Juvederm, and several other treatments we have used through the years.  Because of this relationship we have with Allergan, we have a very special but limited offer for you.

For the next 8 people who book a full treatment for Kybella, the revolutionary double chin treatment which actually melts the fat in that area away, they will receive 2 areas of their face treated with Botox at the same time for FREE!  That is up to a $750 value.

If you have been worrying about your double chin on any side-view photos, or if you are going to be attending a wedding this summer, this will be a great deal for you.  If you receive Botox treatments regularly and have been thinking about addressing your neck issues, this sale can literally resolve both problems in one visit more economically.

I would emphasize that this offer is limited to the first 8 people who call us, book their appointment, and then get their treatments.  In the past, when we at Maine Laser Skin Care have had any limited specials like this, we book up and sell out rapidly.

Call us at (207) 873-2158 as soon as possible, or STAT as we say in the medical field.  If you hate your double chin and want those upper face lines smooth again, I do not want you to miss out on this exclusive deal!

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