CoolSculpting Success Stories Continue

It has been just about a year since we added the technology of CoolSculpting to our roster of treatments here at Maine Laser Skin Care.  The successes we have had so far with CoolSculpting have continued to mount, and more and more people are coming for consultations and treatments every month.

Our experience has been very similar to others around the country who use CoolSculpting.  It has become the most popular non-surgical treatment for fat reduction since being approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010.

As you may know, CoolSculpting involves using a handheld device to precisely freeze fat and kill fat cells in stubborn pockets below the skin.  The most common areas we treat include the abdomen, “love handles” and thighs.

We have found that the best candidates for CoolSculpting are those who exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, yet have areas of fat that are resistant to their best efforts.  CoolSculpting safely removes that stubborn fat without using a knife or any kind of invasive treatment.

When the freezing technology treats the excess fat areas, the fat within the fat cells crystallizes, and the individual fat cells eventually die.  Then, cells called macrophages, which our bodies all have within us, scour the body looking for damaged cells to clean up and remove.

It may take some time to see evident fat loss on the outside of your body.  However, your body really needs time to naturally process and eliminate the waste products of the dead fat cells.

In general, you can see a gradual loss of 20-30% of fat in the treated areas after one session.  The fat loss starts as early as a few weeks after treatment and continues to the greatest extent within three months.

Another nice aspect of CoolSculpting is that since the human body does not produce new fat cells, once fat cells are destroyed and eliminated, they are gone for good.  So, even if you gain weight as some point in the future after CoolSculpting procedures, you will not see fat return to those treated areas again.

Many of you who are interested in receiving a CoolSculpting treatment often ask us about whether or not it is affordable.  That answer can vary widely depending on a person’s anatomy, the areas of concern to be treated, and the amount of fat to be treated.

For these reasons, we always recommend a personal and confidential consultation (which is also free, by the way) with our trained CoolSculpting technician, Denise Gidney.  If you are targeting more than one area of fat, or may require more than one set of treatments to a particular individual area, we do offer discounts that Denise can further explain to you in detail.

Rest assured, however, CoolSculpting is less expensive, less painful and has less downtime than the surgical approach of liposuction.  If you have been thinking about getting rid of some stubborn areas, especially with summer coming, call Denise at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your “Cool” (and don’t forget, free) consultation.

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