New Trend: Bonding Over Botox

An article appeared in a recent edition of the New York Post about the growing trend of women bonding through the vehicle of cosmetic procedure appointments.  The article is titled, “Forget Mani-Pedis [manicures and pedicures]–Now Moms and Daughters Bond Over Botox.”

This article highlighted multiple mothers and daughters who used to get together for lunch, shopping, or nail appointments.  They have now added Botox and other similar skin care procedures to their list of don’t-miss get-togethers.

Probably because I don’t live or work in New York, I was not interviewed for this article.  However, like the doctors who were interviewed, I have noticed a definite trend in the increase in people scheduling appointments together, including mother-daughters, sisters, close friends, and married couple.

Sometimes, these pairs come in for a procedure together for mutual support.  Many times, however, it is because one of the two people have had aesthetic work done in the past, and wants to introduce their friend or family member to their secrets to appearing relaxed and beautiful.

In this article, one Manhattan doctor said, “It’s the next generation beauty parlor.  There’s a huge increase in mother and daughter pairs from once in a while a few years ago to 2-3 per week.”  Another patient remarked, “It makes you feel better about yourself, and you want to share that with other people like a mom or daughter.”

With wedding, graduation and reunion seasons around the corner, I tend to see higher numbers of families and friends with appointments come in either together or within close proximity of one another.   Even folks who don’t consider themselves “Botox people” want to look better for photos, or when seeing friends that they haven’t seen for many years.  People coming together in groups sometimes adds to the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming event.

Many family members and friends are reassured when they are introduced to a doctor and procedure by someone they know and trust.  Many people say that the experience of sharing these types of procedures brings them closer together.

Mothers in particular are aware of the similarities in genetics and the problem areas they can cause in the aging process.  They frequently feel an obligation to help their daughters deal with those issues in a comfortable and non-threatening way.

I certainly feel honored when a family member brings in or refers their loved one to us for our services.  It is their way of saying “you will be in good hands,” and I strive to live up to that confidence.

So, if you are looking for the 21st-century way to bond with that family member or friend, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care can certainly accommodate blocking appointment times for group services.  Call us at (207) 873-2158 and tell Emily or Denise that you want have appointments or consultations together, and we can easily block that time off for you and your close ones.

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