The Secret to Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

What is the secret to growing longer, thicker eyelashes that are not artificial, but are actually yours?  The one word answer is: Latisse.

As many of you know or have seen the results for yourselves, Latisse is an amazing stimulant to the growth of eyelashes.  Even for those of you who have never had naturally thick lashes ever in the past, Latisse can help you grow such eyelashes naturally.

The real purpose of this blog is to inform you of a limited special offer for both Latisse users and for those of you who have wanted to use Latisse, but never gotten the opportunity.  For the next 11 people who buy a regular size Latisse kit, which consists of 5 milliliters of the medication, you will receive an additional 3 milliliters of Latisse from us FREE.  Basically, you will get an additional 40% of product at no extra cost.

This is a great opportunity for regular users of Latisse who want to stock up on this eyelash thickener secret.  It is also a great chance for those who have been desirous of thicker and longer lashes to try out Latisse at a reduced overall cost.

Either way, this limited 11-kit offer will not last long.  You can call us at (207) 873-2158 to reserve your claim or drop by our office at 12 Shuman Avenue in Augusta.

You can certainly pick it up yourself, or we can ship the Latisse to you as long as we have the consent form on file for you.  Call us ASAP so you do not miss out on this limited deal!

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