Introducing Laser Genesis

Maine Laser Skin Care is proud and pleased to offer the latest generation of skin rejuvenation in the form of a procedure called Laser Genesis.  We are the first and only aesthetic practice in the state of Maine to offer this technology, which is considered a breakthrough in laser treatment.

Over the course of the treatment protocol, your skin’s natural healing powers will be stimulated to reverse signs of aging from time and excessive sun.  Laser Genesis will give you a complexion that will be more vibrant and healthy.

Laser Genesis works by using microsecond pulses of laser energy that activates your cells to remodel collagen.  These pulses also target unwanted irregularities in complexion color at the same time.

Over a series of 4-6 treatments, the overall effect can be quite dramatic. Patients who receive these treatments are most likely to see a more restored youthful glow, and their fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly more smoothed out.

During a Laser Genesis procedure, you will feel a gentle and gradual warming of the skin that many people describe as relaxing and even therapeutic.  This is an especially ideal treatment for the face and neck where the most signs of aging are seen, but other areas of the body can be treated if they have noticeable effects of sun damage or scarring.

Other than some slight redness right after the procedure, which resolves itself quickly, there is virtually no downtime.  You can put on your sunscreen and makeup immediately after treatment and resume all your normal activities.  Because of this, in many cities, it considered what is called a “lunchtime procedure”.

Another interesting aspect of Laser Genesis technology is that it can be performed year round and can be done safely even on darker and tanned skin. After the initial series of treatments to achieve your optimal improvements, annual maintenance is recommended to sustain the results into the future.

Therefore, in the age of selfies and Instagram, you can confidently face any camera and feel proud of your skin’s appearance with the power of Laser Genesis.  With this innovative laser treatment being the only one of its kind in Maine, we will offering special pricing on individual treatment sessions and packages of treatments throughout the summer.

As I frequently say, we can turn back the clock of aging, but we cannot stop it.  So, if you would like to see if you would be a candidate for the latest technology we have to offer in skin care, give us a call at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your next free consultation or an appointment for treatment with Laser Genesis.

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