Summer Skin Care Tips: Create a Serum Cocktail

Your skin care regimen should change in the summertime because of multiple factors involving the weather changing compared to other times of the year, including heat, humidity, and sun exposure.  In general, skin moisture levels are higher in the summertime due to increased environmental humidity, which is why most people do not need a moisturizer this time of year.

Denise Gidney, our aesthetician here at Maine Laser Skin Care, recommends trying the following cocktail (or combination) of serums for care of your skin during the summer months.  Also remember that even though we throw around the term “cocktail”, you should not actually drink any of these products (in case you were curious):

  1. Layer two different serums, instead of using one serum and one moisturizer every morning and evening.  If you have particularly dry skin year-round and you feel that you need extra moisture, try using the two serums in the morning and the serum-moisturizer combination only at night.
  2. Combine C-Stem and Vita Soothe into a cocktail to use as a replacement for day and night moisturizers.
  3. If it is very hot out and you need a lighter feel to your skin care, try combining C-Stem and Vita-C 20 as your morning and night cocktail.
  4. If you have oily skin , facial redness such as rosacea, and/or are prone to acne breakouts, combine Vita-Soothe and Green Tea Antioxidant Serum as your morning and night cocktail.
  5. ALWAYS finish your skin care regimen in the morning by protecting your skin using sunscreen!

Hopefully these tips will help you through the summer months so you can enjoy the good outdoor weather while we have it.  You can click on any of the serums mentioned above to read more about them.

You can also order these products through our website or by calling us at (207) 873-2158.  If you have any other specific questions about your skin and the summer weather’s effect on it, please do not hesitate to call us with your concerns.

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