A Beautiful Treatment For Beautiful Skin- HydraFacial

Every once in a while in health care there comes along a treatment that is a major technological advancement, yet is known only to a few.  Many skin specialists have described HydraFacial MD as revolutionary, and the people who have had HydraFacial at least once are still raving about it.

HydraFacial is a multi-step, non-invasive skin care treatment that combines the benefits of many other remedies into one procedure.  This process enhances your skin, delivering visible and quick results without downtime or irritation.

HydraFacial MD takes advantage of what is called Vortex infusion technology, which can deliver various peptides, growth factors, and retinols directly into the skin.  This process works to normalize the skin back to its healthy state, replacing factors that the skin was lacking.

HydraFacial is not harsh or irritating, but rather treats your skin in a kinder and gentler fashion.  We are allowing the skin to be permeable to good things that we infuse during this procedure.

Right after the treatment is done, your skin literally glows.  You see dramatic results in a short period of time for any skin types.

It really feels like your skin is being pampered and moisturized like never before.  Another nice feature is that this procedure can be combined with other treatments such as Pelleve, microneedling, laser, and injectables to further enhance your skin.

The procedure itself takes about 40 minutes, although the first treatment can take up to one hour.  People are amazed by how much is removed during these steps with all the oil, environmental pollution, and accumulated makeup that they can see extracted from their own skin.

Following a general cleansing of the surface and deep pores, the first step of the HydraFacial treatment is to exfoliate the skin.  The next step is called boosting, whereby different peptides and other skin factors are infused into the skin, repairing it and replacing necessary factors in the skin’s healing process.

Because the skin has been made more permeable or able to absorb these factors during the boosting, three things happen.  Inflammation is decreased within the skin, breakouts are fewer, and the skin feels more enhanced.

Skin hydration is the final step.  I have had this treatment myself.

At a baseline, I have very dry skin.  After having the HydraFacial treatment myself, my skin has never felt so hydrated.

Once the skin becomes hydrated, it actually feels more alive and frankly younger in both appearance and texture.  The skin as we get older typically gets more dry, and the HydraFacial reverses this process for the short term.

The best results are seen when HydraFacial is done on a regular basis.  Denise Gidney, our expert HydraFacial aesthetician, has many patients who receive this treatment on a monthly basis achieving the best and ongoing results.

As you can see, HydraFacial has all sorts of advantages when compared to the more typical skincare treatments.  It smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, can make the skin more firm and youthful in appearance, and can even out skin tone and skin texture.

By cleaning out pores, HydraFacial can decrease oiliness and pore congestion in the skin, leading to a reduced likelihood of acne breakouts.  Decreased inflammation in the skin and decreased congestion in the pores lead to pores appearing smaller and the skin less rough.

We can incorporate HydraFacial into your general skin fitness and health.  As time goes on, we will find more and more possibilities in terms of products to infuse into the skin that will continue to repair and replace the skin’s natural factors.

After a hiatus to recovery from surgery, Denise is now back in full force performing HydraFacial again for all of our patients.  If you would like to book an appointment for this exciting procedure and restore that natural glow to your face and skin, call us at (207) 873-2158 to book your HydraFacial treatment soon.

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