Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

When it comes to Maine Laser Skin Care’s laser hair removal process, the legs and the bikini line are the most popular treatment areas for this procedure during the summer, particularly among women.   It is not very difficult to see why.

From an evolutionary perspective, hair on the legs grows to help your body retain heat when it is cold.  For most modern women, it is a pain (figuratively speaking) that they want to have treated quickly and (ideally) painlessly.

Lots of methods are used for day-to-day management of leg and bikini hair on a short term basis.  Such practices include shaving, waxing, and depilatories.

All these methods have their own problems, including nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation for starters.  Also, the hairs always grow back no matter how much you use these systems.

Laser hair removal is definitely the longest-lasting choice.  You could call it the “gone-for-good” or permanent method of removing unwanted hairs.

There is dedication involved with laser hair removal.  That is, it does take time and money over a number of months to fully eliminate the unwanted hair in any area of the body.

However, the laser works because the wavelength of light used is attracted to color, and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and its roots.  The darker the hair, the better the absorption of the laser light is.

Once the laser hits the spot, it produces a heat reaction that kills the hair root.  The roots can only be killed by the laser when they are in their growth phase.

Unfortunately for those who want rapid hair removal, only 10-15% of hairs in any area are in a growth phase at a time for any hair of the body.  Because of this thin percentage, one needs multiple laser treatments over a number of months to remove all of the unwanted hair.

Take the legs for instance.  As the laser treatments progress, most women notice that their frequency of having to shave their legs decreases. and they can go for longer and longer periods between feeling the need to shave.  In the bikini area, the process is similar, and is especially appreciated during the warmer weather and bathing suit season.

Fortunately, these treatments are also more affordable than you might think.  One woman even told me that if she counted all the money she had paid over the years for waxing and shaving, she could have paid for laser hair treatments many times over.

If you are frustrated by the combination of leg exposure and the management of the hair that evolution gave us, laser hair removal is the long-term solution.  Call us at (207) 873-2158 if you have any questions on this topic, or if you want to schedule a treatment to have that unwanted hair today, gone tomorrow!

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