How To Get A Spot-Free Decollete

One of the most common questions I get asked, especially by women during the summer, is “How do I get rid of these sunspots on my chest?”  The exposure of the decollete area with bathing suits and other summer fashions seems to prompt this question around this time every year.

Sunspots, or age spots, are lesions on the skin that result from increased melanin production and the cumulative long-term sun exposure.  The reason that they develop with age is that over the years, sun exposure continues until spots and freckles finally begin to appear rapidly.

While many of us used to enjoy frolicking in the sun in our youth, we did not realize that we were actually causing damage to our skin until years later.  Although you cannot undo your sun exposure history from your past, you also do not have to live with a spot-filled and embarrassing decollete.

With the current state of aesthetic medicine technologies, there are now legitimately effective fixes available to reduce and eliminate these pesky spots and restore your skin to its more natural state.  The following are techniques that can be used individually or in combination of one another to reduce or even eliminate these stubborn discolorations:


If the sunspot discoloration is very light or just diffusely darker than the remainder of the skin in the area, you might want to try treatments that will lightly remove the top layer of roughened and discolored skin.  Chemical peels that we provide in our office can help, and exfoliating creams can reduce mild hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone.


Laser-directed therapy can work wonders at targeting pigmented sunspots and, as a result, improves skin tone and texture.  The energy delivered by the laser light to the skin heats up the upper layers of the skin cells, especially those that possess the most color.

These laser-directed skin cells will get initially darker in appearance, and then lightly exfoliate on their own over the next several weeks after treatment.  At the same time, the heat generated by the laser will also decrease broken blood vessels, contributing to redness of these areas.  The same heat will also stimulate underlying skin cells to produce new collagen, which will smooth the skin surface.


The best way to prevent new sunspots and stop current sunspots from getting worse is to protect this delicate area of skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.  Even if you see improvement with exfoliation and laser treatments, you can and need to protect your investment.

Especially since the decollete area is more exposed to the sun during the summer, use sunscreen to safeguard your skin from further damage.  I think I say enough about the importance of using sunscreen, so I will leave it at that.

If you do not want to be embarrassed about wearing the latest summer fashions due to your accumulated sunspots, try one or more of the aforementioned tips.  If you want the fastest and most sure fire method to clean up the decollete areas, give us a call at (207) 873-2158 to schedule an appointment for laser therapy.

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