Product of the Month- Advanced Wri-Lax

While we always send out a list of our cutting-edge skin care products that are on sale every month, I would like to start highlighting an additional product each month, and educating all of you on what makes this particular product special.  This month’s special product is Advanced Wri-Lax.

Advanced Wri-Lax is a concentrated anti-wrinkle serum that combines a neuropeptide with marine peptides.  While you may not know one peptide from another, be assured that when these two peptides collide, their combination lessens the appearance of expression lines and plumps the skin.

A nice feature of Advanced Wri-Lax is that it can improve the appearance of lines on the lip, chin, neck, and forehead.  It can also make crow’s feet and frown lines gradually disappear.

Many people who do not want to be injected with Botox for whatever reason find Advanced Wri-Lax the strongest topical skin care product available to soften troublesome fine lines and wrinkles.  Those who do use Botox find that regular use of Advanced Wri-Lax actually lengthens the interval between Botox injections.

Two active sets of ingredients work to dramatically improve lines. The first important component, Argirelox, is an award-winning neuropeptide that relaxes wrinkles by affecting underlying muscles.

The second ingredient is a group of marine peptides called Seacode. This component works on fine lines, but also acts to plump the skin which also smooths wrinkles. Skin care tests have shown that this marine peptide combination enhances collagen production, which gives the affected skin area fuller-like benefits.

Advanced Wri-Lax can be ordered online (just click on the link), or you can pick up a vial in our Augusta office. If you would to diminish fine lines in concentrated areas without Botox, this is the product for you.

If you like the power of Botox to abolish deeper lines and wrinkles, using Advanced Wri-Lax will lengthen the intervals between Botox treatments.  Try it and see for yourself.

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