December Product of the Month

December’s Product of the Month is not only one of our best sellers, but we are also offering it for 20% off its normal price, just like all our other products, for the remainder of December 2017.  And Maine Laser Skin Care’s Product of the Month is . . . Multi-Complex Night Cream!

As the name of the product implies, this cream improves the skin in multiple ways.  Benefits of this skincare product include:

  • rejuvenating the skin through anti-oxidants
  • promoting smoother skin texture
  • nourishing the skin while you sleep
  • improving skin elasticity
  • overall giving the skin a more vital and youthful appearance.

The benefits accrue from the power of the ingredients within Multi-Complex Night Cream.  A description of its 4 key ingredients ingredients will help to explain why this is such an effective and thus popular treatment:

  1. Retinoid–  A very well-tolerated derivative of vitamin A.  It helps to renew skin plumpness, elasticity, and hydration without the irritating effects of prescription-strength retinols.
  2. Lipochroman–  A double-action antioxidant that protects the skin from multiple sources of free radicals, and provides visible clinical improvement of the skin.
  3. Lipoid Acid–  This antioxidant is able to penetrate skin cells, while at the same time protecting the cell membrane and the energy centers of the cell.  These processes help to improve overall complexion.
  4. CoQ10–  Another antioxidant that boosts cell renewal and encourages the repair of damaged skin.  Applying it to your skin results in healthier, more vital, and younger-appearing skin.

Using Multi-Complex Night Cream nightly after cleansing your skin will nourish your skin while you sleep and prepare your skin to face the day ahead.  My wife considers this product a vital component of her skin care regimen, and running out of it merits an emergency phone call to my office!

I hope this post gives you and idea as to why this product has become so popular.  As previously noted, the 20%-off sale and free shipping applies to Multi-Complex Night Cream as well, so stock up while you can so you don’t have to make an emergency phone call to Maine Laser Skin Care if you run out!

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