I Hate My Neck

I hear a variety of comments from women almost every day about which part of their body they are ashamed of the most.  Surprisingly for me (as a man, not as a doctor), “I hate my neck” is among the most common complaints.

In addition to that one basic sentence of frustration, I also hear women making disparaging comments about their own neck after they have had multiple treatments performed on their faces.  While they generally feel very good about the way their face looks, it doesn’t take them long to look further down and be shocked by the appearance of their neck.

The skin of the neck is different in quality and thickness compared to the face and is, in many ways, more delicate.  This rule applies to everyone’s neck, not just those of women, but women are just most aware and self-conscious of it than men generally are.

Effects of long-term sun exposure and hormonal changes show frequently in the neck, and contribute to the appearance of aging.  The neck also has other issues such as the “double chin” area, muscle bands, and the formation of creases that are unique to the neck.

Thankfully, because of advancing technologies in the area of aesthetic medicine, there are a number of ways to reverse the effects of sun, heredity and aging.  I would like to outline a few for your information.

As always, everyone’s situation is different.  Some people make need more than one type of neck intervention to improve appearance in that area:

1.) Laser Skin Rejuvenation–  Laser technology can deal with abnormal pigmentation and broken blood vessels or capillaries on the neck just as they do on the face.  Similar to the face, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care can perform on your neck what is referred to as Laser Genesis, which also uses laser energy to tighten collagen and reduce the crêpiness effects of the loss of collagen through aging and sun damage.

2.) Botox–  Many people have thick bands of muscle appearing in the neck area that become more evident as they get older.  An advanced use of Botox, which is only offered by very experienced practitioners such as myself, is to inject Botox into these bands to relax the underlying muscle and make the bands appear less prominent.  Medically, I need to screen for contraindications before using Botox in this area, but it is a very good option for the right candidate.

3.) Kybella–  When injected into the “double chin” area, Kybella literally melts the pocket of fat in that area.  The number of treatments one needs depends on the extent of fat, but they average just two treatments per patient in my experience.  After a Kybella treatment, the area is red and swollen for several days and up to a week.  However, improvement is visible once the “melted” fat is reabsorbed by your body.  This is a great alternative to liposuction or other more invasive surgical procedures.

As you can see, there is hope for your neck.  I am constantly looking for new and improved technologies to deal with the tricky nature of the neck area and its skin.  As always, when new treatments are added to our menu of services, I will inform you of them in detail.

If you have any questions about your neck or any other aesthetic skin issues, please feel free to call us at (207) 873-2158.  We can answer any questions you have, and schedule you for your own free and confidential initial consultation.

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