Men and Skin Care

Men are a small but growing part of the patient population of aesthetic medicine.  At Maine Laser Skin Care, men represent about 10% of our total procedures performed here in the past year.

A recent study showed that men had 1.3 million aesthetic procedures performed in the U.S. in 2016, which represents about 8% of all procedures performed.  In this study, 85% of these procedures were minimally invasive, with Botox being the most common treatment received.

According to the study report, aesthetic treatments for males increased 74% from 2000 to 2016.  Reasons cited for the increase were the following:

  • men’s increased awareness of safety and effectiveness of these treatments
  • the ease and ability to which men could return to work immediately with minimal downtime
  • desire to have a natural but more youthful and less tired appearance

To state the obvious, men are different from women.  There are many gender-specific differences in terms of facial and skin anatomy, in addition to different patterns of aging and preferences for treatment.

The average age of new male aesthetic patients is in the early 50’s.  In contrast, the average age of new women patients are in the mid to late 40’s.

Whereas many women would like to have all of their lines eradicated, most men would prefer a softening of their lines.  They want to look healthy and more energetic, but not unnatural.

Similar to women, the most common sites for men’s Botox treatments are between the eyes (scowl lines), forehead lines, and crow’s feet (smile lines). In general and on average, men do require higher doses of Botox because of generally stronger and thicker muscles in all areas of their bodies.

In the use of fillers, men are most concerned about the nasolabial folds, the lines that runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth.  Women, on the other hand, tend to be more likely to choose fillers for the marionnette lines at the corners of the mouth that go into the chin.

Men also usually require thicker fillers and in greater amounts because of the thicker skin men tend to have.  Additionally, men tend to wait longer before considering an aesthetic treatment, thereby resulting in their lines being deeper and sharper than those of most women.

Besides Botox and fillers, laser treatments attract a high percentage of men to treat their age spots and sun damage.  Men frequently notice development of darkened spots on their skin, especially on the face and hands, once they reach their 50s and 60s.

Traditionally, men have been less likely to use sunscreen compared to women, which increases the degree of sun damage.  Many comment that they feel that these spots make them look much older than they actually are.

Men also get rosacea, which requires laser therapy.  They, like women, do not want to answer all the comments about their red face.  When the redness abates within a few sessions of a vascular laser treatment, men do not take that laser for granted.

Double chin is another one of the top concerns for men.  Since Kybella’s FDA approval and availability 2 years ago, men have made up about 40% of my total patients for this procedure.

Reducing the fat under the chin not only diminishes the double chin look that men and women both hate, but it also helps to redefine the masculine jawline.  Even men who would not consider other aesthetic procedures are now seeking consultation for Kybella.  To men, the downtime after this procedure is less of a concern compared to the downtime and expense of surgical liposuction.

In a similar vein as Kybella, CoolSculpting is another increasingly popular noninvasive treatment among men.  Many men who workout regularly become frustrated by the residual pockets of fat that undermine all that hard work they do at the gym to buildup their muscles.

CoolSculpting can freeze away the fat that covers the 6-pack abs.  Once the fat cells are frozen and disposed out of the body naturally, men take notice, especially when their jeans fit without love handles getting in the way.

The most important message to men about aesthetic procedures is that these treatments are just another way to maintain a youthful and vigorous and healthy appearance without compromising masculinity.  Like women, men want to look good for their age and be more competitive in the workplace.

During my office consultations, when I talk to men who are even mildly reluctant to undergo these treatments, I tell them that these aesthetic procedures are analogous to going to the gym and having a personal trainer to improve their appearance.  Studies have shown that men who have aesthetic treatments have a better sense of well being and a better outlook compared to their age-matched peers.

Simply put, when people look better and get rid of the facial or aesthetic problem that was bugging them, they feel better.  Any apprehension they had about having a skin care treatment immediately disappears after they experience these results.

So, if you, dear reader, are male, or if you know a man who could use any of the above services that Maine Laser Skin Care provides, please call us at (207) 873-2158 for a free and confidential consultation.  We can outline a plan to resolve the issues that are making men look and feel older that they should.

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