Create A Summer Cocktail For Your Skin

Last year, we started highlighting one of our skin care products as a Product of the Month.  This promotion had proven to be so instantly successful that we continue it every month to this day.

This month, however, our Product of the Month for July is not one particular product.  Instead, it is actually our suggestions for various combinations of our skin care products that would be best for your unique skin concerns during the summer months.

In the summertime, humidity levels are generally higher, which inevitably increases a person’s skin moisture levels.  Because of this factor, most people do not need a moisturizer in the summer (except those with exceptionally dry skin).

Therefore, for the summer months, you can substitute a skin serum for your moisturizer in the morning and at night.  If you have very dry skin, you can also only use your moisturizer at night.

Aestheticians use the term “cocktail” to describe when topical skin treatments are combined together.  Our aesthetician Denise Gidney in our Augusta office recommends the following cocktails for your summertime skin care:

  1. Create a cocktail to replace your moisturizer by using one pump of C-Stem and one pump of Vita-Soothe.  Just mix them together and apply the combination to your face during the day and/or at night.
  2. To get a lighter feeling cocktail when it is hot and humid outside, use one pump of C-Stem and one pump of Vita-C 20- Brightening Creme in combination.  Combine and apply them the same way you would the first cocktail on this list.
  3. If you have oily skin, rosacea, excessive redness, or acne breakouts, use a cocktail of one pump of Vita Soothe and one pump of Green Tea Antioxidant Serum.
  4. As always, finish off any daytime skin care regimens, including the cocktails listed above, by applying sunscreen.

You can order any of the products mentioned by clicking on the product name above, and you will be taken directly to the listing in our online store.  Of course, on a hot summer day, you may choose the cocktail with which you are probably more familiar, an adult beverage cocktail, to refresh yourself internally.  At least now you have the information to create a favorite cocktail for your skin as well.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it.  We deserve it after this long, harsh winter.

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