Baby Botox: The Latest Trend In Injectables

Some of you who have noticed the title of this blog post probably assume that I have lost my mind.  You may be thinking that it is one thing for people in their teens and early 20s to receive Botox treatments, but babies?  Really?

Allow me to set your mind at ease and explain what I mean by “Baby Botox”.  The term actually has nothing to do with infants, if the thought of babies having their faces injected with needles makes you understandably appalled.

What Baby Botox actually means is using smaller doses of Botox on an adult patient at each point of injection to achieve a smoother and more natural look.  According to various articles that have been published recently, Baby Botox is considered to be the hottest trend in the use of Botox.

Many people, out of fear of looking frozen, have been afraid to even try Botox in the past.  With Baby Botox, smaller doses are used per injection, and these micro-injections are also precisely targeted to achieve one’s desired look.

For years at Maine Laser Skin Care, I have counseled patients that when it comes to Botox, less is more.  In other words, it is easier to add more Botox to a section of the body later than it is to over-treat someone, or add too much Botox to create that stereotypical frozen look.

Even before the term became used in such articles, I have personally used and taught this technique of only using minimal dosage of Botox.  How much Botox a person needs really depends on multiple factors, including the age of the person, whether or not they have had Botox in the past, and the strength of the muscle area that needs to be treated.

The other benefit of smaller Botox doses is that the already small number of Botox complications becomes even smaller.  For example, in the forehead area, if micro-doses of Botox are used and precisely targeted to achieve maximal effect in the frontalis muscle, a common Botox side effect known as eyebrow droop (see the picture on the left) becomes rare to non-existent.

This Baby Botox trend finally recognizes a principle that we at Maine Laser Skin care have stood by for the 15 years since our founding: no two faces are exactly the same, every face is unique, and each face requires a customized approach.  A cookie cutter approach to Botox or any aesthetic treatment will eventually gives those therapies an undeserved bad name.

Smaller targeted injection of Botox can be virtually personalized to each individual getting treatments so that their aesthetic goals and their concept of beauty are met.  If lower doses of Botox do not eliminate all intended lines after several weeks, more small doses can then be added.  Once an individualized formula for Botox is developed for a person’s face, this process can be repeated with each visit.

This approach also works very well in the emerging use of Botox to prevent the appearance of facial lines in the first place.  Because many people are starting to receive preventative Botox treatments even as young as their late 20s or early 30s, the low-dose method of Baby Botox can help to manipulate the way that wrinkle-producing muscles move.

Here at Maine Laser Skin Care, you will always receive a personalized, individual evaluation and an approach that will be tailored to your goals.  If we determine in your next free consultation that Botox is indeed the product that is best for you, you will not be overdone and we will always strive to make you look more relaxed and a younger version of yourself.

Speaking of free consultations, if you would like to schedule one for yourself, please call our Augusta office at (207) 873-2158 or our Scarborough office at (207) 303-0125.  We will continue to move forward on our mission “to beautify Maine one face (and body) at a time”.

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