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Is Maine Laser Skin Care Most Worth It?

Each year, the website RealSelf compiles a list of the top non-surgical aesthetic procedures based on consumer satisfaction scores generated from online reviews.  This list is called the “Most Worth It” list based on a satisfaction ratings of greater than … Continue reading

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March Product of the Month

This month of March, our Product of the Month is a new but highly touted treatment from the Skinceuticals lineup called Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight.  This product has been formulated as a nighttime corrective cream that uses high concentration technologies … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Treatment For Beautiful Skin- HydraFacial

Every once in a while in health care there comes along a treatment that is a major technological advancement, yet is known only to a few.  Many skin specialists have described HydraFacial MD as revolutionary, and the people who have had … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Win the War On Wrinkles

In the war against wrinkles, Botox is still the proven winner when it comes to smoothing out multiple areas of the face.  While Botox is king, there are other non-injection, and cost-effective, methods that can reduce and/or prevent the development of … Continue reading

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How Can I Treat My Acne Scars?

Active acne, with its pimples and breakouts, is bad enough.  What acne can leave behind after it’s gone looks and feels worse. Unfortunately and frequently, even after the acute acne breakouts are gone, your skin can be left with longer … Continue reading

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Pores- What Are They Good For?

All us humans have pores.  In fact, we have to have pores. Pores in our skin allow us to sweat, which helps our bodies regulate temperature.  Pores also allow our skin to be moisturized naturally by the sebum (or oil) … Continue reading

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Sale on Hydrafacial This Holiday Season

As many of you know, the Hydrafacial MD, performed by our aesthetician Denise Gidney, has been a great hit.  She has been performing a dozen or so treatments per week in addition to her other aesthetic treatments, including Pellévé, radiofrequency … Continue reading

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Tips On Facial Scars

Scars on the face can be caused by multiple events in one’s life.  Common causes include acne (which are the most common, as seen in the picture on the left), surgery, trauma, and burns. As on other parts of the … Continue reading

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What Is A Vampire Facial?

Many of you who have been reading my blog posts have asked me several good questions about the Vampire procedures and the differences between them.  I will address the least invasive of these in this post describing the Vampire Facial, … Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons To Schedule A Hydrafacial

As you may know or have heard, HydrafacialMD is much more than a regular old facial.  It is quickly becoming one of our top services with a very loyal following. Here are some of the top reasons why: 1.) Excellent … Continue reading

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