Tattoo Removal


Over 45 million people in this country have at least one tattoo.  Reportedly, nearly 20% of those people regret one or more of their tattoos, and are looking for effective ways to remove the tattoo safely.

tattoo_beforeSome have tattoos that name prior significant persons in their lives who are no longer significant to them.  Some have tattoos that looked cute when they were 18, but no longer look cute on 40-year-old skin.

Many of the laser technologies used for tattoo removal worked only with certain colors, and do not completely resolve the offending tattoo to satisfaction.  Most creams and dermabrasion techniques simply do not work or leave scars, leaving those living with “tattoo regret” with few effective options to remove their unwanted ink . . . until now.

eclipse_micropen_logoMane Laser Skin Care has always been proud to be a leader in providing aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology services in Maine, and to bring cutting edge technologies to our patients.  We are excited to announce a revolutionary new way to safely and naturally remove tattoos using the all-new Eclipse MicroPen TR.

Dr. John Burke is the first skin care specialist to offer this treatment in the state of Maine.  Additionally, Dr. Burke is also one of first 50 doctors to be trained on the Eclipse MicroPen TR in this country.


The Eclipse MicroPen TR is a cordless tattoo removal pen which has been proven through scientific trials and experience in Europe to outperform all current treatments, including lasers, creams, and dermabrasion options.  The Eclipse MicroPen TR utilizes a technique called Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR), which delivers superior results compared to other existing options.

The undesirable ink is erased using natural products and a specially trained process to reverse the tattooed skin back to its normal appearance.  This technique works on almost all skin types and all tattoo colors.  After a few sessions spending on the size of the tattoo, patients will finally be free of their unwelcome artwork.


The Eclipse MicroPen TR uses a mechanical and chemical process that injects a proprietary but natural solution into the tattooed skin to dissolve the previously injected ink.  After the treatment procedure, your body does the rest of the work.  The tattoo ink combined with the natural solution is broken down and rejected by your body in the form of a scab that moves the ink to the skin surface.

After the tattoo removal sessions, you will be a happy and ink-free person.  No matter what the reason you got your tattoo was, the Eclipse MicroPen TR is now a safe and effective alternative for its removal.


If you have a tattoo regret and previously despaired about prior options for treatment, call (207) 873-2158 as soon as possible to set up a free consultation to discuss how we can help resolve your problem.  Since we are the only providers of this service so far in Maine, call soon to get to the head of the line.

Tattoo Removal FAQs

Does the Micropen TR work on all tattoos?

Yes, this new technique removes ink of all colors, whether amateur or professional and no matter how old you are or the tattoos are. Previous laser methods tend to only work reliably on dark colors.

What happens to the tattoo ink?

micropen_at_workWhen the MicroPen TR needle injects the solution into the skin, the bound tattoo pigment during the healing process forms a scab. When the scabs fall off in the next several weeks, the ink is removed with it.

How big a tattoo can be treated?

The area treated during each treatment session is no larger than 6 x 6 inches.  A grid is placed over the tattoo to be treated and areas to be treated will be mapped out for each session.

How long do I have to wait between treatments?

It takes about 8 weeks for a treatment area to be completely healed before proceeding to the next treatment session.

How many sessions will be needed for my tattoo?

First, no tattoo can be treated completely in just one session. The tattoo is treated in segments to allow correct healing and limit the risk of scarring.

During the free consultation, I can give you an estimate of treatments needed. On average, 3-5 treatment sessions are needed for complete resolution.

How does this pen treatment compare to laser methods?

MicroPen TR will definitely be less painful.  Most patients who have experienced the treatment have reported minimal discomfort with the use of a topical numbing cream.  Also, many fewer sessions will be needed to remove your tattoo regardless of color, resulting in the entire process being less expensive.

If I have previously tried laser removal without good results, can I still try the MicroPen TR?

Yes. I have already treated a patient who had prior laser treatment. This person noted less pain than laser method, and has already seen some initial rests, whereas she was not sure the laser treatment did anything.

Can I have more than one tattoo treated at a time?

As long as the total treatment area is not greater than 6 x 6 inches, several small tattoos can be treated during the same session.

Does it matter whether the tattoo is professional or non-professional?

Tattoo professionals tend to inject ink at the same depth below the skin: usually between 0.6 and 1.2 mm.  Non-professional or amateur tattoo depths can vary from very superficial to very deep. In most cases, the depth of the tattoo removal solution injection can be adjusted depending on the type.

Is there anyone who absolutely should not get this treatment?

Yes. Pregnant or nursing women, minors without the explicit consent of their parental guardian, and those who have a tattoo covering another tattoo should not get the Eclipse MicroPen TR treatment.

How do I take care of the treated area after the TR treatment?

tattoo-bandageRight after the treatment, the most important objective is to protect the wound. A bandage will be applied immediately to the treated area after the procedure, and should be changed once or twice a day depending on the area.

I recommend using an antibiotic ointment to the area after each bandage change until a scab forms. After scabbing, Vaseline ointment or a scar gel can be applied until the scab falls off.

When is the best time for the next treatment?

Generally, the tattoo will be ready for another treatment 6-8 weeks after the first treatment.  The last weeks before retreatment are important in repairing the skin and returning it to its original pre-tattoo state. Once your natural color has returned to the areas treated, it is time for the next treatment.

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